India’s capitol city is also its most cosmopolitan. people here are pretty relaxed compared to other parts of the country, and even hustlers hustle with a wink of an eye.

1. shopping galore
– Delhi’s main bazaar in Paharganj has a huge variety of clothes, bags, jewelery, and endless amounts of stuff that make for fabulous souvenirs for your friends back home.

2. henna tattoos in the middle of Paharganj
– if you love henna tattoos then go to the middle of main bazaar in Paharganj and ask the boys there to draw on your hands/legs/arms or anywhere else you fancy making pretty. from traditional to Westernized designs, anything is possible.

3. United Coffee House
– not coffee but possibly the best food in town is dished up by this 1940’s institution on Connaught Place. its fancy decor and high standards make this a real splurge for your senses. this place also has a nice list of cocktails, something that is very hard to come by in most parts of India.

4. Mount Everest Kitchen Cafe on main bazaar
– you want to meet other backpackers while enjoying excellent food in a cosy environment? the Mount Everest Kitchen on main bazaar probably got its name because you need to climb up 4 flights of stairs until you reach the garden terrace where this restaurant is located. nice cane furniture and fab views on the busy street life below make this place a definite favorite. come here during dinner time for a sociable atmosphere.

5. get a garment made
– always wanted to be a designer? just go to any of the clothing shops in Paharganj and ask for a good tailor to make you a garment. the easiest is to show them something you already have for them to copy but you can try your luck and hand in a drawing of the design you want (no guarantees here on accuracy of tailoring). you pick the material and can pick up your garment 2 days later. a simple cotton dress made that way costs from 150 rupees (2,50 euros).