There’s something wildly fascinating about islands and how they function. No matter how much closer we are growing through easier forms of transportation and the good old internet, there will always be a special vibe going on in those places – it surely does something to them, being so secluded. As I love discovering all those little traits, habits, faunas and floras, that make us and our environment so special (and I’m a sucker for the sea) I really love the island life. Or: the island lives.

Since the moment when the 10-year old version of myself fell in love with it, while sitting on the deck on a ferry to Corse, starring into the night skies, counting stars, quite a lot has happened and I am blessed to be able to recall an abundant amount of island life memories. As it’s always nice to reflect and go through your files (and piles) of photos I pulled up some of my favorite island life memories to share with you today.

1. Barbados

We went to Barbados, when I still lived in Canada and spontaneously decided that a little visit to the Caribbean would be a good idea. It was off-season, so it rained heavily almost all the time and we barely shared the the beach with anyone else, except for baby turtles and the most beautiful birds. Not too bad of a company I’d say. We never really dried off, but were warm and happy all the time, shared rum and stories with locals at a lonely beach bar, admired the untamed nature and had huge amounts of tropical fruit. Good times for sure!

2. Sardinia

As much as I like to pamper myself from time to time, I’ll always be a sucker for road trips. I just love their constant pace and when your morning coffee from a tiny gas stove tastes like adventure. I enjoy cuddling up in a car or tent and waking up with messy hair but a big smile and even bigger plans. As I am naturally drawn towards the South of Europe our road trip from Berlin all the way to Sardinia and Corse has been one of my favorite trips ever: just the perfect mix of beautiful rides along the shore, good company, gorgeous nature and simple but lovingly prepared food with local produce. This one has a special spot in my heart for sure.

3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been on top of my bucket list for quite a while before I finally managed to go and had an instant crush – the colours, the perfectly spiced veggie curry, the ice-cold coconuts on the beach, the peoples smiles and their eagerness to help you out, the temples, the tea… definitely a place to return to and a place, that gifted me a lot of beloved memories.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii immediately stunned me with its lush forests, an abundance of animals and plants, lovely people and rich culture. It’s as sweet as it is wild and I could have hiked those velvety green mountains forever to discover it all and enjoy all the views. The best part definitely was the helicopter ride over an active volcano – this one won’t be forgotten in a lifetime!

5. Iceland

You gotta love Iceland, right? On a recent stop over on my way to the other home – Canada – I decided to finally give Iceland a try for myself and head over heels fell for its magic. I won’t lie, it was freaking cold, but the nature around me surely made up for it. What an intense place on earth that teaches us once more how powerful, wild and gorgeous nature is and how we’d rather treat that lady with respect!

What about you? Which islands have a special place in your heart or on top of your list? We’re curious to hear!

All images c Tabea Mathern