I’m afraid I’ve been spending entirely too much time in the city lately. I love living in Oakland and I’m super focused on my school work right now, but these last few week I’ve started to feel a bit of urban cabin fever. Each weekend is a scramble to organize a trip, any little trip, just to get out and exercise the Travelette in me. However, many of my recent plans have been foiled by exams, catching the flu, and all sorts of other sudden crises. That’s why, this weekend when my friend Judah said he was borrowing his housemate’s car to go on a hike, I jumped at the chance to join.

We only had a few hours, so we drove to Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Though the park is just 20 minutes from downtown Oakland, it feels like an entirely different place. We took the dog on a walk and wore ourselves out on some trails, soaked in the views, and de-stressed from city living for a little bit.





Chabot is perfect for those like us, with just a few hours to wander and a desire to feel a little more removed from town. It’s also a good option for those visiting Northern California or the San Francisco Bay Area for just a few days. Many people drive north up to Muir Woods to see redwoods, but we have some right here in the East Bay. If you don’t have time to visit some of our more famous state parks, at least you can manage a hike in the Oakland hills!

How do you make the most of your weekends or free time when you can’t travel very far? What makes the perfect day trip?

post by Jackie Clark