Have you ever wondered what life would be like if it rained every day? Probably not. You probably never really got to that level of boredom. Today I, on the other hand, have played the scenario through in my head and decided that that would suck a fair bit.
We got to Darjeeling 3 days ago expecting romantic landscapes, Himalayan views and chilled-out cafes where we’d sit and read while sipping locally grown tea. To be fair, I have done the latter. The problem is that I’ve only done that. When Darjeeling is not drowning in monsoon rains it’s amazing (or so I hear). Assuming you’re coming here during October to May when the climate is mild, here are some digs you won’t want to miss.

1. White water rafting

I love to raft and was stoked to do it here. Sadly the heavy rains made it too dangerous to go in the water.

2. Trekking

Most self-respecting backpackers coming here will sign up for a 3 to 6 day trek. Walk through Himalayan valleys and climb mountains while the team carries your backpacks, cooks you food and puts up a tent for you to sleep in every night.

3. Glenary’s

The world would be a better place if there was a place like this in every city. Glenary’s is a lovely cafe with big windows and comfy bamboo furniture attached to an excellent German bakery. While by the entrance there is also a small internet cafe set up, upstairs is the best restaurant in town dishing up delicious Indian and international fare in a classy setting. to complete this hot spot there is a fun pub downstairs with pool and various booths to disappear into with your friends.

4. Shopping on chowk basar

Novelty umbrellas, huge selections of scarves and handmade jewelry is all here for you at prices so low you’re bound to fill your backpack to the top with souvenirs and new clothes. Insider tip: contrary to the rest of India, bargaining here is often frowned upon.

5. Joey’s Pub

This atmospheric pub looks like it’s been copy/pasted right out of somewhere in Australia. Come here to meet fellow travelers and enjoy as many drinks as you can before the place shuts down at 10pm (along with the rest of all Darjeeling).

Have you been to Darjeeling? What top activities would you recommend?