Welcome to my new Motorhome:

Pfffffft, I wish! This 40-foot long luxury motorhome, dubbed with the catchy name ‘eleMMent Palazzo’, is at the affordable price of $2.9 million and is pretty much a mansion on wheels. It was created by Austrian company Marchi Mobile and just take a look at the inside and you’ll understand how it’s the world’s most expensive motorhome. The only way I can describe it is a mothertrucker of a pimping road home!

It’s a complete abomination to the eye, looking more like a space craft (with a face only a mother could love) that should be driving deep ruts into the asphalt, but to be given I wouldn’t say no the chance to road-trip in this beast. Come on, it has a working fireplace (!!), under-floor heating, a rainfall shower a 40 inch satellite TV and an en-suite for the bedroom! And with the bar area and a pop-up roof terrace, surely this would be a non-stop mobile party machine. You would think that with a budget this big, the décor would be a bit more tasteful. They are willing to make adjustments and customize it… providing you have the dollar to back it up. There’s rumours that they can add diamonds to the exterior!

Photographs all by news.com.au

It’s definitely catching the eye of the extreme rich as rapper, Birdman, who has a penchant for the big and expensive. But think of the environment before delving for your wallet as it eats fuel like it’s going out of fashion due to its weight of 20 tonnes. The traditional old camper vans will always beat this though, merely through character and pure vintage individuality….

Awww man, it has glow in the dark paint though!

Image from Auto Fixx

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