On my last day in San Francisco I headed over to Urban Outfitters for some final shopping. I checked mostly for the sales on furniture and frames when suddenly my heart dropped and my breath needed catching. Why? Because I saw this beauty:

Bild 5

The bike of my dreams.

Im in love with the white tires and the brown saddle and the fact that baskets can be places on the front and the back of the bike. Can’t you just so picture a lovely brown basket with flowers in it and me riding this bike in my cutest flower dress waving to everyone I pass? Alright, I am obviously getting a bit carried away here and before you ask for crackers with all this cheese I better proceed straight to bursting the bubble, since this dream on wheels is not available for purchase in Europe. Bohoo, I dare say.

However, if you are lucky enough to inhabit North America and have $400 to spare, you may not only purchase this bike online, you can also customize the colors to your own liking.

What about a girly orange?

Bild 6

Or rather a handsome grey?

Bild 8

Or why not go wild on a coloful one?

Bild 9

For all those who are more into modern bikes, Bike Republic has stuff for you too. Simply have a look at their website.

Should anyone know where I can find such a bike in Germany, do let me know. I WANT ONE.

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