In my photography I have a tendency to view everything as an alien might, snapping pictures mainly of things involving repetition or orderly shapes. This outlook on life made it extremely easy for me to photograph Berlin when I arrived at Alt Tegel airport. The first thing I learned: Germans love their recycling.

Recycling For Dummies

Recycling For Dummies

The most difficult part of the recycling process for me was deciding where to put what in the trash cans at the Humboldt University Mensa. I was later informed that all cafeterias are called “Mensa” and Humboldt is not the only one housing this glorious mixture of inexpensive food and drink. If you are traveling and run low and cash but are still craving a good meal, just pop over to the nearest university and grab a”mensa card” (on which you may put cash to pay for your food). The food is great and there is a selection for every type of diet.

My first two nights in Berlin I stayed at a hostel in the Mitte district. Hostels are, of course, fantastic for meeting new people, especially if you’re traveling alone. That weekend in particular happened to be the Carnival of Cultures. A new friend from the hostel took me with her to meet some friends; although I didn’t see many of the bands I was able to sit in a grassy noll and talk with my new friends, two of whom I became quite close with. HOSTILHOSTEL

The hostel was relatively inexpensive and I was able to explore Tacheles: the touristy art space with overpriced drinks. At Tacheles I observed and photographed oversized sculptures and sweaty, golden men crafting abstract art pieces. Although I did not spend much time at there within my next 3 months in Berlin it was a nice way to meet the bartenders, ease myself into the culture, and check out some stunning art. TACHELLES

I went to Berlin specifically to take 2 classes through Humboldt University. These classes ran for my first month and a half in Berlin. I was put up with a “host family” which was both comforting and slightly stressful at times. When one is traveling it is important to embrace the cultural cuisine while working it into a balanced meal.

For the first time in my life I ran into gelled meat at the grocery store: NICE TO MEAT YA!

Strangely enough, this beige meal is what I ended up eating for my first week and a half:

BEIGE FOODs. I felt comfortable in Berlin and did not miss my phone or car. Little did I know a craving for Mexican food would hit me 2 weeks into my journey and would not be satiated until further notice. After all the travel excitement it was nice to finally get on the road. And then school began…