It’s always amazing when someone comes up with the effort and energy to create a time and place where like-minded people can get together, exchange, support each other and, in the best case scenario, enjoy a few cocktails while doing all of the above.

This past weekend, that someone were the lovely people behind, the website that connects small creative business owners with potential buyers. At the Hello Etsy summit at E-Werk, over 500 people from around the globe got to connect with their peers and learn how to improve the way they work, through workshops given on a range of relevant subjects.

Nina and I decided to attend, with the initial intention to mostly just meet Etsy creatives, whose work we could introduce to you guys. After a closer look at the schedule just overflowing with pure wealth of wisdom, we tried to attend as many talks and workshops as possible. That is, after getting those incredibly cool name necklaces at registration…

A lot of the talks were inspirational and motivating, such as the the one on finding your courage, by Chad Dickerson,’s CEO, or the story of Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin, who has built a well-run business, designing collections of all handsewn clothing now selling at big chains like Barney’s. Doug Richards who has created the school for creative startups, gave a lovely talk on the power and importance of small creative businesses, while Charles Festa of did a fun-filled speech on how Threadless went from small to big, leaving us with lots of ideas of our own.

More highlights included the workshops on better project management by Eleonor Mayrhofer of Em Papers, a talk by Emma Jones, CEO of Enterprise Nation on how to really focus on what you’re best at, while outsourcing all the talent you need to fulfill your vision or the workshop by Xenios Thrasyvoulou, CEO of, who shared his wisdom about growing your business.

In between, 30-minute Yoga workshops were provided for utmost relaxation or you could just chill on the rooftop terrace or the outdoor area by the entrance to hang out and make new friends.

Inside the main hall, delicious snacks and drinks were given out for free throughout the course of the weekend, and there were ongoing workshops provided by Lasern, Burdastyle and many others. Wonderpots gave out frozen yogurt, Moo presented everyone with a fun way of networking with the help of cute stickers and Blurb introduced us to a way to make photo books which we feel will be a great new addition to our lives.

I think the magic of this event was that the people who came here were essentially dreamers. Ambitious creatives who want to make a living off something they love and that makes them and the community around them happy. On Saturday morning, those hopes were embedded in questions and insecurities, by Sunday night they were wrapped in inspirations, solutions and new ways of tackling the issue. We certainly went home buzzing with ideas, which we hope to soon translate into actions.

For anyone interested in checking out the talks given at Hello Etsy in Berlin last weekend, click here and select the ones you’re interested in. Unfortunately some are missing, but the ones up are a great way of kick-starting your inspiration for this week.

Thanks for a fantastic 2 days, Etsy! We look forward to attending again next year.

all photos by Nina and myself