As you know, we have started this series where we introduce you to our favorite traveling couples. Next up in our spotlight are Fel and Wes: a fun-loving duo that likes to travel on the cheap and share their tips on their blog, Feather and the Wind.

Fel and Wes: The fun budget travelers

One day I’d like to organize a survey called: How do couples of travelers meet? The findings would probably surprise you, let me tell you! As a well-traveled young woman, I always thought I would fall for the love of my life on the other side of the world, in some exotic location. But since I started this series, almost a year ago, I found that most of the traveling couples I interview have actually met… at home. While some fell in love in high school or college, others met at a local pub or on a blind date, at a restaurant.

So, it should be no surprise if I told you that the couple in our spotlight today also fell in love back home, right? One thing is for sure, it doesn’t make their love story less unique, especially considering the way they met. A little hint? They are the second traveling couple I interview who knew each other through a screen first. Which makes me wonder: is meeting online a new thing for travelers these days ?

“We met online three years ago but not the way most people meet online these days,” explains Felicia. “I had just moved away from home to start a great job opportunity where the plan was to focus on my accounting career. While searching for an apartment, I found a listing online and replied to Wes’ ad. We arranged to meet so that I could see his place and we hit it off right away. I didn’t end up renting that apartment but I was excited when he messaged me again and asked me out for a drink. He had also moved to the city for a job and neither of us really knew anyone so it was nice to have made a new friend. A year later we moved in together and then decided to leave our jobs and find a way to pursue our love for travel. It just goes to show that not all things go according to plan!”

She then recounts their first adventure together: “While most couples might ease into traveling together, our first trip was a two-month backpacking trek across Central Europe. We visited nine countries including Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic and then tacked on a spontaneous week in Morocco thanks to a great deal we found online. Neither of us had backpacked before but after a couple of weeks on the road, we had settled into a routine and suddenly backpacking seemed so natural to us. It didn’t take long to realize we were having more fun (and spending less money) while visiting less crowded and less touristy cities. Since then we’ve tried to explore more of the underrated places in the world to inspire travelers to see the beauty hidden in every corner of the globe.”

That’s precisely what let them to create their blog. “At first it was mainly a way for friends and family to keep track of where we were in the world” they say. “But then, as we kept traveling, we realized we were learning a lot from our mistakes and also discovering ways that helped us save a lot of money. We now use the blog to share our experiences with the goal of making travel easier and cheaper for people headed to places we’ve been.”

But there are so many travel blogs nowadays that I can’t help but ask about what differentiates them in this industry. “Our blog goes hand-in-hand with our YouTube Channel answers Fel. “We post fun travel videos on our channel and like to showcase budget-friendly sites in a new city every week. Then we write more detailed posts about what we’ve done in our videos so that other travelers get a better idea of where we went, how we got there and tips we have for saving money. We’re pretty frugal travelers and we use our blog to emphasize to our readers that there are amazing things to discover and ways to see the world without breaking the bank.”

I also ask them about how they usually choose their next destination: “You know that phrase, “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list”? That’s pretty much how we feel about travel so we’re not picky when it comes to destinations and our flexibility has definitely helped us save money. Most of our trips are planned around the deals we find when booking flights and then we continue our travels based on the lesser-known sites we want to check out and places recommended by locals and travelers we meet along the way.”

I really admire their approach to traveling. And it seems that experiencing this together, for Fel and Wes, makes it even more amazing. “Traveling as a couple lets us create memories that we can look back on and hopefully share with our children one day. We hope to build a tiny house in the future. Traveling has opened our eyes to alternative ways of living and helps us learn about life in other cultures. It’s almost like all of our travels together are part of a research project to find out where and how we want to live our lives once we decide to settle down.”

Before leaving them, I ask Fel and Wes if they have one piece of advice they’d like to share with our fellow readers. Fel answers: “What a lot of people don’t realize is that traveling on a budget can be more affordable than life in your home country. Because we’ve been on the road for a while, we don’t have the expenses that come with owning a home or a car. We don’t shop at fancy stores or eat out a lot because we’d rather spend our hard-earned dollars on travel. We save a lot of money by staying with family when we’re in Canada and also staying with friends and family that have welcomed us in several countries abroad. Now, we’re also learning how to fund our travels by working remotely like writing for travel sites and through stock photography.”

In other words, traveling IS accessible and if you fancy leaving everything behind, then nothing should stop you. Fel and Was are a living example of this philosophy. This August, they’re headed back to Europe and they will start their first set of Workaway jobs teaching English in Poland, Hungary and Italy in exchange for room and board. If you want to follow their adventures, make sure to check out their Blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


This post was written by Elisa Fourt.
Elisa Fourt was part of the Travelettes team from 2015 to 2017.  Elisa usually describes herself as a world citizen. She has lived, studied, worked and travelled in more than 60 countries throughout her life and she loves to share her passion for the world with others. When she is not planning her next trip or writing about the last one, Elisa likes to help people in need and get involved in various not-for-profit projects. She currently works for a NGO in the Middle-East. Follow her on Instagram