It’s the same problem each summer. I have nothing to wear, I need an entirely new wardrobe and an essential part of that is the perfect pair of sunglasses. With a whole 3 seasons in between I can’t get myself to muster up the same level of excitement for the stuff I wore the previous year and so I often spend a considerable amount of time in the first part of the year looking for the ideal summer outfit.

A pair of good shades can make or break a look like nothing else, will make you look cooler, more interesting and – oh joy! – protect your eyes in the process. Every year I give myself a budget to invest in a nice pair of sunnies, but surprisingly enough it’s often hard to find anything decent and original for less than €250. Too much!

I was all the more pleased to learn about Kapten & Son recently, a German Start-Up which is known for their gorgeous watches and who recently launched a new product category – you guessed it, sunglasses. Their shades are not just stylish and easy on the eye (pun intended), they’re also pretty affordable at an average cost of €100. I instantly had my favorite picked out – the Maui Matt Tortoise model with black lenses…

katja sonnenbrille april 2016-2153

It’s so light that I barely notice it on my face and the quality of the lens is so high, that I never have to take them off to spot something in more detail, it’s just an all around great pair of sunglasses!

katja sonnenbrille april 2016-2226

And it doesn’t hurt that they’re also super fashionable. Definitely my favorite accessory for summer 2016.

katja sonnenbrille april 2016-2211

*This post was created in collaboration with Kapten & Son.