Denmark’s capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. History chases modern art and the food scene is incredible, but also outside of the city you’ll find some gems to discover. Here are three day trips you can easily do from Copenhagen – and they are well worth your time, even if you’re on a city trip to Copenhagen!

Jægersborg Dyrehaven

Just a train ride away you’ll find huge woodlands to get lost in; walk a little and you’ll start the many noticing deer, who roam around and seem barely disturbed by all the walkers, bikers and horse riders.

deer copenhagen

This UNESCO World Heritage site was formerly used by the Royal family to hunt and is now home to deer, owls and many other animals. Make sure you visit The Hermitage in the center, which used to be the King’s hunting lodge!

How to get there: Take the train from Copenhagen Main station or Norreport to Klampenborg. Walk a little north and over a little bridge to the left and you’ll see the entry gates right away.

hermitage dyrehaven


deer dyrehaven

City trip to Malmö

Malmö is Copenhagen’s Swedish little sibling. Take the train or the car over the 7845 meter-long Oresund bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden, and you’re there in a heartbeat.


Long beaches, timbered houses and good coffee on nearly every corner make this a beautiful day trip. If you’re a history buff and want to know more about how Malmö was constantly passed from Denmark to Sweden and back, head to Malmö Museer. Otherwise just walk the cobbled streets, spot the beautiful houseboats and check out the Turning Torso, Scandinavia’s highest skyscraper and stunning apartment and office building.

How to get there: Trains leave from Norreport, Copenhagen main station or Copenhagen Airport every half hour. Check Rejseplanen for more information. Tickets are 89 dkk/12 euros one way. Please note that you’re crossing a border and therefore need to have your ID/passport to hand!


turning torso malmö

Öresund bridge

Møns Klint – Denmark’s white Cliffs

A little south of Copenhagen, on the western coast of the small island Møn, you’ll be surprised by the beauty of these white cliffs.

møns klint

Right at the Geo-Center (where you can discover more about the history of the island) is one of the highest staircases you’ll find in Europe. With 120 meters of 994 stairs, expect some wobbly legs at the end! But don’t worry, you can go for a walk along the cliffs where you’ll find other, less steep ways to climb back up. While you’re exploring, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for fossils hidden between stones that have fallen from the cliff.

There are also some hiking trails along the cliffs, or you can start a small walk from the campsite a little north if you prefer to avoid the masses and get some more unique views!

møns klint

How to get there: You can reach Møn Klint in two hours by car. During the summer season there are trains or buses that’ll drop you off directly at the Geo Center, whilst during off season you can get to Klintholm Havn. Check Rejseplanen for more details.

Note: the Geo Center is closed from 1st of November until 23rd of March

Over night tip: Møn is also a dark sky park! That means the surrounding area is so dark and the light pollution so little that (if weather permits) you’ll have a fabulous sight of the Milky Way. So bring some blankets, a hot coffee and find a cozy spot to watch the stars!