“Ein Bier bitte” – there are few non-Germans who don’t know what this phrase means. German culture is intricately linked to the yellow brew that finds worshippers across the globe and we, who we live in Germany, will go as far as dedicating a 16-day party to it – the Oktoberfest.

Historians might be appalled at this description, because the truth is that the Oktoberfest initially started as an annual celebration of the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Thérèse in 1810. With regularly attracting more than 6 Million visitors each year, it is the biggest fair in the world and therefore not something you’d want to miss!

During the course of 2 weeks in late September and early October people in Munich essentially celebrate the existence of beer, because frankly, no one cares about those royals from 200 years ago any more. Nothing wrong with that, you may think and we wholeheartedly agree. When it comes to large gatherings of crowds who join in to sing along in unity to cheesy pop songs while getting shitfaced – we’re there!

Last year it was Contiki, the world’s largest operator for group travel for people under 35, who invited us down for the all you can drink festivities and this year will be no different. A group of about 20 people from different parts of the world got together and partied like Bavarian rockstars. This year will see a replica of same events, except for one tiny difference that could mean a big difference to you. Because we are inviting you!

Contiki will provide one of the Travelettes-readers with 3 nights accomodation at a central Munich hotel from October 4th to 7th and treat them to an all expenses paid Oktoberfest experience on Friday the 5th. And before you’re wondering – yes, you even get to bring a friend.

If your eyes are glowing right now, then just make sure you meet all the conditions:

1. You need to be able to know all the lyrics of Robbie William’s ‘Angels’ by heart and shout it at any level of alcohol.
2. You can hold a 1-liter jug of beer during the course of 8+ hours with only rarely sitting it on the table.
3. You will proudly wear the prettiest dirndl you can find, push-up bra and everything. Boys wear a pair of Lederhosen.
4. You have to get to Munich during those dates – transportation is not provided unfortunately.

Check, check, check, check? Well then all you have to do now is give a little like to our facebook page and leave a comment below this post as to why you really want to experience Oktoberfest this year. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 21st.

Only one can win, but if you’re still looking for other ways to experience Oktoberfest with a great group of people, have a look at Contiki’s 7-day amazing Oktoberfest package deal for under €400!

We look forward to reading your comments as we get studying Robbie Williams song lyrics.

Oh, if you’re not sure Oktoberfest is for you, have a look at this video I made last year, you’d have to be in a coma not to smile at these guys.

UPDATE: the winner to this one is Mimi! An email has been sent. Thanks to everyone for taking part. Cheers!