The Colombians love their rumba (party) . They do it all the time, but a very special occasion happened to be last week, when they celebrated the day of their Independence from Spain in Cartagena.

At 40 degrees and sweating like at an Istanbul Hamam, everyone was dancing in the streets. Don’t wonder about the slightly mean-looking gangs, covered in dirt and oil. They’re not after your money, they want your t-shirt!! Or better said: they want to give it a make-over Colombian style! Best not to wear your best clothes on this occasion as there is an army of soldiers out to get you with their bottles of foam, cornflour and paint.

Whenever your redesigned outfit is ready to go, join the dancing the in the street alongside all the grannies, transvestites and breastic surgery princesses and dance your heart out. The parades start in the morning, continue till the afternoon and last all through the night. During 24 hours the locals here live off love, air and rum. In the wee hours of the morning you will fall into bed dirty and sweaty, only to be woken up the next morning by more screaming party people .

For the next Cartagena Rumba you’ll have to wait until November 11th of next year but on the upside: this wil allow for plenty of time to lose enough pounds to fit into one of those skimpy costumes and save money to afford the flight to Columbia.


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