Having read about The Barn on a seemingly infinite number of blogs (for example here, here or here), I eventually decided that this was something I could not miss.

What sold it to me, apart from a very good-looking cup of coffee and an attractive wooden interior, was the obvious American vibe in this place, which I do miss sometimes in Berlin’s coffeeshop scene. Having spent 2 great years in San Fracisco and New York, I love a good time-out, chilling at a cute coffee place with a fresh cappuccino and a piece of cake, reading through a good book.

I’ve already written up a listing of my favorite coffeeshops in the Big Apple and Jessica has listed her preferred microbrews all over San Francisco. It’s time you got the inside scoop on where to get your caffeine dose in the German capitol.

The Barn is located in the area of Mitte, on Auguststraße 58, right on the corner of Große Hamburger Straße. In summer, you can sit outside, on wooden stumps underneath white linen umbrellas. In Winter, you may cuddle up with everyone else inside the small cafe that is hardly bigger than my kitchen. A couple of a tables and a a few bar stools by the window make for great people-watching, when outside it’s rainy and cold.

What I earlier called an American vibe, is no coincidence. Owner Ralf Müller tells Slow Travel Berlin that he was looking to create something that could live up to the neighborhood cafe standards of London and New York, a place that would excel in both coffee, fresh food and athmosphere. The many wooden features, the brown plaid shirts worn by the staff and the subtle details all around will make you feel right at home. Oh and there’s wifi, too!

The real star of this post and place is the coffee, of course. It’s not that hard, finding good espresso in Berlin, but this one here, might just take the cake. Speaking of cake, theirs is home made and super delicious. Their carrot cake is already a legend in itself and I never miss out on a piece of cheese cake, when I’m around. If it’s hearty food you’re craving, try one of the heavenly quiches, salads or sandwiches.

The Barn managed to brew itself into the hearts of its many regulars and I certainly hope that it’s just a matter of time until more locations will pop up around the city.

Other recommended coffee shops in Berlin are:

Impala Coffee – Pappelallee 1

Bonanza Coffee Roasters – Oderberger Str. 35

Cuccuma – Zossener Str. 34

Oliv – Münzstr. 8