I love big cities. Having grown up in a town too small for my ambition I have spent the last 10 years of my life living in Paris, London, New York, San Francisco and various other capitols of the world.
Obviously I have closely observed the fashion trends in each of those cities and will try to give you a good clue which sort of outfits are “very Paris”, “very Berlin” or, today, “very New York”.

With cities like that, having tons of people living in them, it’s hard boiling things down to one or 2 particular looks, but if you follow my guidelines, the local hipsters are likely to recognize you as one of them and will hopefully buy you drinks, invite you to parties, or just chat with you.


a) Vintage Bohemian

new york tavel look
This look says “I just quickly threw something on but I look effortlessly cool and fashionable”. One of my total must-have’s this summer. Only yesterday I bought a hat just like that one. It gets hot in New York from June throughout August, and having something to hide your face from the sun comes in handy. Most of the items above can be found in similar in any old vintage store, so dont bother dishing out too much money on brands.
B) Cosmopolitan Doll

one dress - night and day accessoires

Something very important when traveling to big cities: bring outfits that work for day AND night time. Dresses are handy, take up little space in your suitcase and, depending on the right accessoires, can easily be worn day and night.

In this case, I picked the cloggy sandals and the brown tote bag for a day time look and the mouth-clutch with the pink pumps for a night-time variation. Hot hot hot.
C) Sassy Sailor
new york sailor
This look seems to never get old. The color combi of red, white and blue is almost magical and liftens my spirits instantly and always. Red sunglasses are, yet again, an absolute must-have as well as red lips. While the stripey dress on the right is a more casual “let’s hang out in coffeeshops in williamsburg and later go to the park” type look, the dress on the left is something that will look good on you while strolling down the streets of Soho zipping an iced latte.
Most of the items in the above looks cost under $50. To know where everything is from, click on the images which will take you to a link on polyvore informing you where everything is from.
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