Road Trips

Hello New Zealand!

Kia Ora, cherished readers of this little blog! Me and my jetlag woke up this morning at 5am and thought to send you a little update on our current location, as it just so happens to be a particularly spectecular one. 48 little hours ago I arrived on an  Air New Zealand flight from San Francisco which turned out to be an amazing start into my trip, thanks to[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Tenerife

When I was 10 my parents told me that we were going to go on holiday via airplane for the first time. I was the first in my class to ever ride an airplane, so this was big time news. Our destination: the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria to be exact. I couldn't sleep for days ahead, my expectations were huge. And bound to be disappointed. We stayed in a holi[...]

Moon on Earth: the Californian Desert

Spending a week in the Californian desert was certainly never on my bucket list and yet it belongs to every Cali – Las Vegas roadtrip. I'm more of a forest and mountains kinda girl and my heart was aching when we had to leave the green meadows of Yosemite National Park behind us. What we were to find was a seemingly neverending desert of orange, brown an[...]

Road trip favorite: Denmark

Scratch planes, trains, buses and bikes - when it comes to my favorite mode of transportation on a trip it's a car. Not just any car of course, but the one that will be a steady companion throughout your journey. I am talking about: the road trip. Many of my fondest travel memories include epic road trips through Italy, down the California Coast, from the[...]

100 things that you should pack for a summer roadtrip

"Damn it, I forgot my sunglasses " "And I left my pillow" "Do you really think we can manage 6 weeks without a camping cooker?" "Maybe we should have bought one?" "Maybe we should have." Last summer a friend and I felt spontaneous and decided to hit the road on a whim. That's so fun and romantic isn't it? Yes. It's also the best way to forget about a [...]

5 Highlights along Highway 1, California

I need to share a secret with you. Considering my age and my former attitude (talking childhood attitude here) towards the topic, I find it pretty embarrassing but I have to admit that I am obsessed with Baywatch. Have you stopped laughing yet? I know, I know, as a woman I should criticise the obvious combination of soft-porn and family show; as a film st[...]

A Culinary Road Trip in America’s Deep South

When people think of Southern food in the United States comfort food tends to come to mind. But there is much more to be tasted than the fatty, fried, and greasy goodness of mac-and-cheese, fried chicken, and country-fried steak with biscuits and gravy. I spent this past summer, and then some, traveling across this culturally and historically rich region of [...]

5 highlights when traveling to Iceland

When I told people that I was going to Iceland I could always rely on one thing – wide eyes. There is something about Europe's most northern country that has people instantly fascinated. Iceland is unrivaled in its stunning variety of incredible landscapes, nowhere else in the world will you find this enticing mixture of wild shores, dramatic coastlines and [...]

Arrival in Queensland - Cairns and Green Island

Being a photographer, a massive part of my fun while traveling is taking pictures of absolutely everything - people, interesting buildings, special moments - there really are not many moments during a trip I would not love to capture and put in a jar (or at least on a hard disk) so that they can stay with me forever. Those who've traveled with me or who foll[...]

Two girls, two islands, one campervan: Camping it up in New Zealand

“Dude, where’s my bra?” I called out to Betty on more than one occasion during our two week road trip around New Zealand. It’s not that I usually have to ask my best friend where my underwear is but when the two of you are living out of the back of a van for two weeks it becomes very easy to lose and misplace important items. I'll be honest. I hadn't r[...]

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