Introducing Nuit Blanche 2010

Ladies, having trouble sleeping recently? Don’t worry, I have found the solution to your sleeping woes, well at least a fun way to spend hours of insomnia instead of staring at the ceiling counting your imaginary Jimmy Choo shoes. Nuit Blanche (which literally means “sleepless night” or “white night” in French) is a huge cultural event that hel[...]

Bands, boys and beer: Hurricane Festival 2010

Dear travelettes, A while ago I shared my knowledge and experience on open-air music festivals with you. Just last weekend, I was able to put my tips and tricks to the test as a group of friends and I attended the Hurricane Festival in northern Germany. Since it was our third time around, we were much less worried about packing and planning, instead spend[...]

Santo António: When Lisbon turns upside down

When I first saw the decorations for Santo António, one of Lisbon's national holidays, my first reaction was that it looks like a German Christmas market, the whole city is filled with lights, decorations and food stands. My Portuguese friends were talking about this day for months, so it had quite a reputation to live up to. The inhabitants of the diffe[...]

TIP: The Road Junky Film Festival

Dear Travelettes, if you are Berlin based, I might have something for you. Via the couchsurfing forums Ina came across the Road Junky Film Festival which takes place in Berlin this weekend. They will show shorts and features from independent film makers, which will be preceded by rounds of storytelling from travelers in the audience. Road Junky also hosts[...]

The 101 on Open-Air Festivals

Coachella. Glastonbury. Roskilde. Summerjam. The list of open-air music festivals is seemingly endless, and with a great variety of opportunities comes the difficulty of choosing one that meets all expectations in terms of music genre, size, location and personal budget. Once you’ve made your pick and rounded up a group of friends to come along for a we[...]

Ko phan gan - half moon party

You've probably heard of Ko phan gan and you've almost definitely heard of full-moon parties before. Arriving on Ko samui I had missed the last ferry to Ko tao and so decided to spend one night on Ko phan gan. As it turned out the bi-monthly half moon party was happening that night so together with a few others I went to check it out. Not the classiest of p[...]

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