Getting ready for Envision Festival 2012

Envision this: You are gently awakened by the distant sound of waves, and the near sounds of birds chirping in the trees above you. You unzip your tent and step out into a tropical wonderland. After getting dressed and drinking a morning coconut, it's time for yoga. After yoga you take  a quick swim in the ocean, grab some breakfast and then rush out to mak[...]

Tweed Ride: The world's most stylish bike ride

Tweed Ride. Sounds quite enigmatic doesn’t it? Well, it’s pretty much what it says on the tin: people dressed in tweed riding around on bikes. This group bicycle ride began in London where participants were to dress in traditional British cycling attire on vintage classic bicycles to embrace the spirit of the old days and the fashionable vintage era [...]

Highfield Festival 2011

I love open air festivals, but I love them small. After attending the medium-sized Dockville Festival two years in a row, I thought I knew that bigger festivals weren't for me. But then a friend convinced me to go to Highfield this year, which is one of the biggest indie rock music festivals in Germany. I was a little uneasy about attending an event with 25.[...]

Øyafestivalen 2011 - a green music festival

Last year, BBC asked: "Is this the greenest music festival ever?" This year, I went there to have a look for myself, uniting two of my main interests: music and the environment. My first pleasant surprise came when a girl in an electric car pulled over saying; "Hei, are you going to Øyafestivalen? I'm here to give you an environmental friendly ride for fr[...]

Hurricane 2011

After an eventful and fun weekend at Rock am Ring, I was very excited to follow an invitation by Beck's Music Experience to tag along to another festival favorite of mine - Hurricane. This time there were no hotels, no fancy buffet or cocktails - this time was pure festival goodness: beers, chips and sleeping inside a nightliner. Having given up on all plans[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Festivals

Gone are the days when music festivals were only about pot-bellied heavy metal fans and men who didn't shower for three days in a row. I've drunk my share of 10am-beers whilst sat in a fold-up camping chair on a muddy field (and thoroughly enjoyed it, too!)... but especially in recent years, festival culture has become a lot more diverse and than that. [...]

Rock am Ring 2011

When I was 15, I asked my mom whether she would allow me to go to Rock am Ring. I actually don't remember what she said, but I do know that I could never move any of my friends at the time to join me at one of Germany's biggest rock festivals. So when last month, I got an unexpected call by BLONDE magazine to join them as their festival photographer, I saw a[...]

Contiki Euro-Trip: Get paid to Travel & Party

Imagine the following scenario: You have the summer off and would love to go traveling across Europe, meet a ton of people, go to festivals and have the time of your life. Now what if I told you that you can have all that for free AND get paid on top of that? You don't think that's possible? Well, think again! Our friends over at Contiki, the wo[...]

Music and beach life - Super Rock Super Bock Festival

As the summer is getting closer, so is the festival period. With so many great festival around Europe, festival passes and plane tickets must be booked soon. This is how my summer started out last year: Take a few of my favorite bands, a beautiful beach, a handful of good friends and cold beer - and you have the perfect festival experience. A weekend of musi[...]

Upcoming Snowboard Festivals in Europe

It is getting colder and colder and thoughts are drifting away from warm summer days to freezing snow days. You're stuck between sommer and winter fun times and all you can see is rain, rain and more rain. Snowboard season may not have started yet- but why not get into the vibes for it already by visiting some of the upcoming snowboard festivals, which will [...]

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