Welcome to Boomtown Fair

Dig out those wellies, spray on that glitter and most important of all, start planning those costumes… Boomtown Fair is coming to town. August 2012 will see the weird and wonderful world of Boom roll up into a secret location in the South West of England for the fourth year running. This four day festival of Bacchanalian revelry is most definitely on the r[...]

Flanders is a Festival

Summer isn't really summer without a decent festival and as festival season is now in full swing I thought it was about time I joined in to lap up the music, sunshine, atmosphere and general all round fun. With more than 280 festivals, 16,500km² of festival ground, the biggest bands, the most original sceneries and some of the world’s best festivals, [...]

Nowhere festival in Spain- Burning Man for Europeans

You've probably heard about Burning Man, a week-long festival in the middle of the desert in Nevada, USA, during which an entire city is created from scratch. We wrote about it a while back, check out the blogpost here. For those of us who can't go that far (or who didn't manage to grab one of the limited and highly coveted tickets), there might be a solutio[...]

God save The Queen - Jubilee Weekend in the UK

For those of you who live in the UK, or are simply a bit of an anglophile, you’ve probably heard about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on June 5th, marking her 60th year in power. Thanks to Her Majesty Brits got to enjoy 4-day weekend, giving the nation plenty of time to celebrate. One of the things I love about the Jubilee is that on this rare occasion, [...]

DAS FEST - A Festival for Everyone

DAS FEST in Karlsruhe, Germany, has taken place every year since it started in 1985. It is one of the largest open-air festivals in Germany with approximately 212,000 visitors last year. Different than many other festivals, DAS FEST was established with the aim to offer something for every age class despite their socioeconomic background, which is why it [...]

Beats, Bands and Blogs: A field trip to Prague

Do you remember those days back in highschool when you went on a school trip with your friends having a good time, trying to see and do as much as possible within the little time you have, never sleeping enough and certainly not wanting to miss out on a single moment? When then suddenly it was over, you didn't want to leave and you have trouble sleeping beca[...]

Do Lectures Field Report: backpacking in... wellies

Travelettes, backpacking in h... oh no, wait.... better no heels this time. Preferably wellies... Yes,  better bring the wellies... A while ago we introduced you to the amazing Do Lectures, a little gathering for big ideas held in a teeny tiny tent in the middle of nowhere. Each year only a small number of attendees are invited to come - and this year Kat[...]

MyFest in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Berlin is known for its wild parties and vibrant young scene, and with new clubs popping up every day, and legendary clubs such as Berghain and Kater Holzig - it is no wonder it is one of the prime destinations for hedonistic holidays. One of the many yearly party-highlights is the street festival MyFest in the district of Kreuzberg, celebrated every 1st o[...]

Festival season is on: Win tickets for Electronic Beats in Prague

What could be a better reason to visit a city than attending a festival? Right! This is exactly why we will join some blogger friends on a little field trip to Prague on the 5. of May. This day, the Czech capital will be the arena of the Electronic Beats Festival with a great line up: Apart from headliner Whitest Boy Alive, French music project Woodkid and C[...]

Europe's largest Hot Air Balloon Festival

You look down ... the world slowly passes by.... you see fields, small villages, a forest, little moving points on the ground... you look up and the air is filled with hundreds of colourful spots around you... listening to the sound of a flame you are rising higher above the ground ... the person next to you says something, but you are too taken by what is a[...]

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