My First Food Festival: Rota das Estrelas in Madeira

In my quest to experience the finest mud-free festivals around I recently found myself in Madeira, Portugal's remote island out in the Atlantic Ocean. I was there to learn a thing or two about fine dining and food festivals at Rota das Estrelas - which translates less beautifully as "The Stars Route" - a gastronomic and culinary adventure featuring some of [...]

Travelettes at North Sea Jazz Festival

I love the Netherlands. I love jazz music. And I love festivals, though preferably the mud-free kind. I did something about all of the above by attending the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam last month. With the likes of Sting, Bobby Womack, The Roots and Dionne Warwick topping the bill, I had high expectations from the three day festival that takes [...]

My mud-free festivals wish list

Ten years ago I thought that being 30 was being old. I also thought that by the time I was 30 I'd have children, a mortgage and my own vintage tea room. I also thought that by 30 I'd have no interest in things like festivals and all-night parties. Ten years later at the grand young age of 31, I am (happily) child, mortgage and tea room free and somewhat worr[...]

Ten Fabulous Festival Fashion DIYs

Here comes the sun, little darlings, and festival season has already begun. In the UK floods of people (and hopefully not rain) have descended upon Glastonbury and all around the world the beautiful people are beginning to tap their toes to the sound of the world being alive to the sound of music. Festivals are to fashion like dominant eyebrows are to Lan[...]

Dance with somebody: Roskilde Festival in Denmark

There is one crucial question which every girl has to answer at one point or another: could you do without the daily look in the mirror, a hot shower and a powered hair dryer? Respectively, would you like to go to a week-long music festival? If said music festival proves to take place in Roskilde, Denmark, your answer should most definitely be YES! The Rosk[...]

Go and watch a mountain movie

Would I trade a sandy beach for an exciting mountain adventure? Swimming in a calm lake for racing down a rapid torrent? Or strolling through a crowded city for hiking along a lonely path? Am I an explorer myself? And do I like to meet people with the same passion? If you've answered 'yes' to all of the above you will want to read on. Let me introduce you t[...]

See No Evil: Europe's largest street art event

72 artists. 13,000 spray cans. Europe’s largest street art event. So read the August 2011 tagline of See No Evil, an ambitious event designed to celebrate the art form that put my hometown city of Bristol on the international map. The brainchild of renowned Bristol artist Inkie, See No Evil was not so much launched last summer as fireballed into the strato[...]

Edinburgh during Fringe

Upon arrival at Waverley Station in Edinburgh I find myself immediately in the hustle and bustle, the only chance I have is to go with the flow and follow the crowd. See where it takes me. The typical Scottish weather seems to be foregoing the city of Edinburgh on this beautiful Saturday and under this unbelievably blue sky, the Old Town looks like Disneylan[...]

Brussels' flower carpet

Every two years pandemonium descends on the Grand-Place or Grote Markt of Brussels when almost 1 million flowers are used to create the worlds biggest flower carpet. The flower carpet is a well loved tradition in Brussels attracting many diverse people to the city centre for a cultural celebration of the colour and diversity of our city. . . 300 flo[...]

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