New York

The Piano Man of New York City

Most of us are – hopefully – happy or at least content with the way their lives go; chasing their dreams with more or less commitment. But what do you do if you feel like this just isn't the way you've planned it, that there is something more to the monotonous everyday routine? Let me introduce you to the "world's happiest man", whose ambitions now made [...]

Photography Inspiration: Dancers Among Us

What inspires you to take a photograph? What is it that makes you pull out the camera and want to visually preserve something that caught your eye? For New York based photographer Jordan Matter, inspiration struck when he watched his son play with a toy bus: It should be possible to capture enthusiasm and joy in an image; with the people in the picture being[...]

Faux Facades: Buildings that don't exist

Most of us are usually not fans of things being 'fake'. Then again, some reproductions are done so amazingly well that we actually enjoy them and - in some cases - might even start to hunt them down. And just because things are not always what they seem; how about giving some unsuspiciously looking places a second look. Let's start off at 58 Joralemon Str[...]

The Romance on New York City's Streets

Busy taxi driver turned incredible human nature photographer, Matt Weber, has finally released his urban life photography after 30 years. Inspired by the snapshots of life he encountered on the roads of New York City, he began capturing the soft, emotional and human element to the gritty city. And what he featured highly in his series was the romance between[...]

Camping in New York City

Would you say it's legal to camp in Central Park? Probably not. My fellow Travelettes' recent articles on camping and glamping reminded me of my New York bucket list which holds all the things I still want to do or experience when I get back to the city. This list also includes rooftop camping. Even though friends and I had toyed with the idea of setting [...]

40 Things to do in New York City in the Summer

New York summers can be tough: It's hot, it's humid and it feels like there is no air left to breathe. And while you slowly melt outside in the gruelling heat, air conditioners will chill you to the bone once you've entered a building. So here are some tried and true tips on how to still spend a perfect summer in the city! 1. If you're an early bi[...]

Up on the Roof: New York's Skyline Spaces

The streets of New York usually allow only two viewing directions: People either stare upwards or gaze down from the city's skyscrapers, either looking to catch some rays of the rare sunlight or exploring the urban canyon far away from the noise of the busy streets. But this wouldn't be New York if it didn't offer another perspective. Besides the streets,[...]

Websites we love: Humans of New York

We all know that the finest cities in the world - New York, London, Paris - are full of the finest people. And when I say "finest" I mean weirdest, of course. The strangest, quirkiest and most odd individuals who bring the city colour at night, sunshine in winter and keep the world turning. The Humans of New York is a website - nay, a movement - dedicate[...]

Happy New Year of the Snake

Traveling the world at few or no expenses is one of the many things that I love about New York City. There's of course nothing like an actual trip abroad that comes with the planning, the packing, and the journey itself. And then there also is the ever growing bucket-list: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, experience Holi, and party at the Chinese New Year. In New Yo[...]

5 Pointz - the heart of street art in NYC

New York is a city of superlatives – a place where everything is considered bigger, better, and brighter. It's no surprise the city is home to one of the largest street art collections in the world: 5 Pointz. While graffiti and New York may be associated with dark backstreets somewhere deep in the Bronx, this world famous street art Mecca is located in an [...]

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