Travel Prep

10 Traveletty Accessories to Travel in Style

Back in the day when I worked for the devil as a fashion assistant in New York I would use my boss' camera to go to showrooms and press appointments. It was a nifty little point and shoot, perfectly adequate to take pictures of the newest belts, the latest purses, and the most out there jewelry. Unfortunately it didn't have a case, but lived in a sock. While[...]

How to choose the right backpack

A good backpack can make or break your trip - you will either start punching and kicking it every time you relieve your poor shoulders to set it down on the ground, or... well to be fair, I've always felt that way even with a good backpack, because I overpack and start attaching more and more things to the outside straps of my pack. But that's another story.[...]

10 Travel Resolutions for Every Travelette in 2015

As 2014 sinks out of sight like a bright, round pink sun and 2015 rises on the horizon promising a blank canvas of opportunities, don't write a list of the things you're going to do (or not) - lose weight, clean out your closet, or get fit. Instead think about all the things you can do to get more out of your travel experiences next year. Whether you have no[...]

8 Essential Winter Travel Accessoires

No matter how often I travel, I just can't seem to solve the mystery of packing. If I don't over-pack, I run out of clean t-shirts after three days or realise I forgot to pack any socks at all. And if I don't forget these essentials be sure that I simply packed for the wrong season. That just happened to me last week, when I decided to ignore the forecasts a[...]

What your holiday accommodation says about you

Travelling with friends or partners for the first time can be quite a big deal - every person has their own rhythm, their own intentions to travel, their own dos and don'ts. It can be challenging to find a common denominator and agree on compromises when needed. Travelling together can make of break a relationship, but even a year-old friendship. Still I lov[...]

Live to travel or travel to live?

Remember the awesome MasterCard Priceless campaign that ran for ever and ever? It showed in a really clever way that while yes, for certain things you need money, the true and important experiences are priceless and cannot be bought. That got me thinking that it is the same when it comes to travel, while you need a certain budget, the true and memorable expe[...]

The Travelettes Itinerary for Japan

Ah, travel planning. Usually it goes something like this: 1. Picking a destination. Buying the tickets. 2. Hitting a local bookstore (or lazily adding-to-basket on Amazon) to buy a guidebook. 3. Flicking through the 300+ pages. Slowly realising that doing all the must-dos in a limited timeframe is physically impossible. Feeling a bit lightheaded. Pu[...]

Your Winter Travel Wishlist, or Why I Love Winter Travel

We love wishlists, you love wishlists, but does winter travel love wishlists? Does the cold, snow and windy weather lend itself to being explored, enjoyed and embraced? YES, is my confident answer, which is based on many previous winters bringing me some of the best travel experiences I've ever had. While Kathi outlined her winter travel bucket lis[...]

12 cities in 12 months - no need to be a millionaire

Last year my mother gave me a book for Christmas that I took, despite moving back and forth between continents, always with me, because I liked it too much to not stuff in the last corner of my backpack. It is called 'Das große Los', which I think can be adequately translated either as 'the winning ticket' or 'the big chance' by German journalist Meike Winne[...]

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