Travel Prep

10 things to pack for an Interrail trip

Next week I’m finally kicking off what will be the most exciting trip of 2015: Two weeks of Interrailing through Eastern Europe. Yaay! Exploring by day, sleeping on old trains by night. Pretty sure the romantic idea of ‘sleeping on trains’ will lose most of its glamour after just one night, but hey, a girl can dream. Packing for a trip like that most defi[...]

10 unconventional ways to deal with fear of flying

I’ve always been a nervous flyer, since experiencing a particularly bumpy ride into Ghana a few years ago. Lots of people have tried to help me get over my fear of flying, but the usual tactics – deep breathing, meditation tapes, anti-anxiety pills, even having a drink or two while in the air – never seemed to work. Now I feel more comfortable on planes, [...]

8 lessons on how to pack for an active summer trip in a carry-on

Hurray!! Summer is practically here and I can positively feel the sun calling my name and feel the sea breeze in my hair. Now is the time to get planning for those summer trips and see where your summer holidays will take you! I, for one, cannot wait to get in the heat and forget about the trauma of winter (hey, I'm a summer baby!) so am now deviously pla[...]

How to Decide your next Kind of Trip & Destination

For some people, the urge to travel becomes more than just a ‘want’ in their life. It becomes a ‘need’. Whether this need is fuelled by an urge to discover new places, to meet more people, to push yourself outside your comfort zone or simply to have just as much fun as possible in this big, old world – it inspires you to give travel a high priority. Of cours[...]

10 travel essentials which you always forget to pack...

I'm sure you know it all; that terrible feeling when you sit at the airport gate, suddenly a flash of stinging pain shoots through your brain and you realise, you left your hair brush next to your bed. Or your toothpaste in the bathroom. Or your phone charger attached to the plug behind your bed... Argh - again! Over the years I have developed some exit stra[...]

How to buy a used camera online

'New is always better' - or, at least, so they say. Let me in on a little secret - they are wrong. Sometimes used or second-hand is just as good (or even better). For example, when you compare a brand-new dress from a retail chain, which somehow every other girl on the street is sporting too, to a unique vintage dress from the 1970s; or that veteran road tri[...]

Get your phone ready for travel

Hands up if you're a Fandroid?!? I knew it wasn't just me! While I loved my iPhone 3GS back in the day, for the last 3 years I've been more than happy with my Android phone which does everything an iPhone does and cost me almost a third of what the latest iPhone does. I'm currently the proud owner of a LG Nexus 5 but also have a soft spot for Samsung phones.[...]

Planning a trip when you don’t have time

I used to be a superstar trip planner. I’d research locations and cultures for days, weeks and months leading up to my trip, so that the minute I stepped off of the plane, it was like second nature to me. Some travelers are just naturally good at planning – they enjoy it, and feel it helps them get through rough situations. It’s important to really know a[...]

How to pack for a cold Europe trip with a carry-on

I'm a big fan of buying cheap flights to European destinations to spend a long weekend unwinding and sightseeing. I like to scour the net, jump on every EasyJet newsletter that pops up in my inbox, do random searches on Skyscanner and indulge in holiday fantasies until a cheap flight appears and I can spontaneously buy it. I'm guilty of the 'bargain b[...]

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