Personal Stories

7 types of female travelers I've met on the road

I’ve been working abroad for the last 7 years, including the past 2 years on cruise ships. In that time, I’ve met hundreds of women from dozens of countries. Most of the time they’ve been pleasant encounters, especially when they share my love for travel. The interesting thing is, regardless of where they are from people aren’t as different as we mak[...]

Experiencing Kenya

After years of bad headlines about pirates and hijackings, sex tourism and terrible killings, even the toughest wannabe G.I. Jane travelette could be forgiven for being more than a tad cautious about travelling through East Africa. The country is probably known for three main things: big-game safari, amazing marathon runners and The Lion King. However, [...]

Made in Iceland

There are girls who go to Paris for a weekend of shopping, others who spend a few days lounging by the beach in Spain. And then there are girls like Klara Harden, who wander off to Iceland to spend 25 days hiking all by herself throughout the lonely and stunning landscapes of the Icelandic highlands. The young photographer and filmmaker from Austria h[...]

An Ode to the Camper Van

Nothing sums up the nostalgia of embarking on an old-school road trip better than a T1 Volkswagen camper van. Don't we all secretly long to purchase one of these beauts, pack our acoustic guitar and that good-looking curly-haired neighbour boy of ours, and hit the road? I've been a fan of the 'traditional' Volkswagen camper van for as long as I can re[...]

Traveletworking Berlin - Networking for travelers

Do you love traveling? Are you planning a trip? Do you have questions? Wonder how to prepare? What to bring? Where to go? Who to meet? If you do, we have something for you. The Travelettes are inviting you to hang out over Cupcakes and sparkling wine to chat about Round The World travel, backpacking through India, South East Asia, South America or any [...]

Barcelona, You Stole My Heart ... and My Wallet.

Oh Barcelona! A Travelette likes nothing more than to travel and what a better birthday gift to myself than the chance to meet you in person? You'd be my first introduction to Spain and as I boarded the plane, my heart skipped a few beats. Yes, I was nervous. A girl who prefers Eastern European destinations, I wondered if I'd love you as much as everyone tol[...]

23 Lessons I Have Learnt From Traveling

I stumbled across Karen's blog, Dreamin The Life, and her incredibly poignant and insightful post of "27 things I've learnt in 27 years". It got me thinking, what had I learnt in my 23 years? I don't feel particularly wise at all and feel I have so much to see/learn/do/go, but as Karen said, sometimes you have to stop, and look back and realise you've come a[...]

The Contiki Guerilla Army takes over Europe

A while ago, we posted about getting paid to travel and party, where Contiki Holidays was recruiting young, open-minded travelers to promote their brand at various music festivals throughout Europe. In return, participants would have the pleasure of traveling through Europe for 3 weeks, all expenses paid. Following the appeal, hundreds of you applied [...]

Germanlish - talking like ,se‘ German

A German Coast Guard is sitting in his office. Suddenly a radio signal from another ship comes in: „we are sinking, we are sinking“ The German Coastguard seems to be quite calm and asks „What are you thinking about?“ Oh yes, the ,th‘ is definitely not our strength and the poor captain might have survived if there wasn't this 'little' misunderst[...]

My worst flight experience

A London bound Qantas plane was forced to shut down an engine and return to Bangkok last week (find the BBC article here), after vibration and high temperatures were noticed by the pilots. It got me thinking about flights and how lucky I have been with all my jet-setting. I’ve never had a problem with flying. Over the past two years I must have been on [...]

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