Personal Stories

Travelling with dad - a field report

There is more than one good reason to go on holiday with your father, even when you are somewhat grown up already. The obvious is, he will most likely pay for everything and just like you he doesn't care for grimy backpackers. But then there are also a whole lot of other little details which are not to be underestimated when looking for a travelling companio[...]

Gone cruisin - a weekend with the MSC Preziosa

I have never been on a cruise. Actually, that's not entirely true, I've done loads of boat trips. I cruised down countless rivers, the odd sea and one time I even spent 5 straight days and nights on a boat from Manaus to Belem in Brazil, sleeping in hammocks and spending the day drinking beers and tanning on the roof top. I've just never been on an actual cr[...]

My Vancouver Declaration of Love

I hereby declare, that I love the city of Vancouver. Ranking 5th on Mercer's 2012 Quality of Living, just after Munich and before Düsseldorf - the higher than any other Northern American city, there are definitely several reasons to support my love. After visiting California in 2009, travelling to British Columbia was my first visit to the Americas in 3 ye[...]

You are a Travelette!

Thank you so much for connecting with us via email! We're looking forward to share our travel stories with you and inspire you to make your own dreams come true! Our team of writers has been sharing their travels with you since 2009, but in this newsletter we hope to give you some exclusive insights and previews. Before we get started here are a fe[...]

Dance with somebody: Roskilde Festival in Denmark

There is one crucial question which every girl has to answer at one point or another: could you do without the daily look in the mirror, a hot shower and a powered hair dryer? Respectively, would you like to go to a week-long music festival? If said music festival proves to take place in Roskilde, Denmark, your answer should most definitely be YES! The Rosk[...]

One Year as a Digital Nomad: Do you have what it takes?

In October this year I celebrated one year of full-time travel, not as a backpacker (am too old), not as a gap year girlie (am far too old) or as someone who was lucky enough to take a sabbatical from work or be retired (am not old enough - phew!). Instead I took my work with me. For one year I have been working and travelling as a digital nomad - a new(ish[...]

Riding the River.... On My Surfboard

There is nothing that awakens my desire more than the ocean. If I could I would move to the beach in this very moment. I would get up early in the morning to go surfing and spent hours and hours in the wonderful sea. Unfortunately not all our dreams can come true - but there are ways to overcome our nostalgia. One of my favourite things to do is to go wakebo[...]

Top Ten Places Where I Want Ryan Gosling to propose to me

Dear Ryan, I haven't told you lately, but you are very special to me. Since you've been in my life the world seems to be a better place. I adore you. Yes, I love you. And I can see it in your eyes that you feel the same way about me. Just a few more days until it's that time of year again - Valentine's Day. I know you've been probably planning something s[...]


It's so lovely to hear from other female travelers who are inspired and motivated by Especially from girls who are undergoing their travels right now, blogging/recording/filming their adventures for the world to follow and share their laughs, tears, traumas and memories. And here is a perfect example of such a thing: MISSADVENTURES. O.k[...]

The Shelf of Shame

I can't believe that I'm about to admit this but for many years now I've been a collector of seriously ugly holiday souvenirs. My collection boasts a wide range of magnets, corkscrews, snow globes, pin badges, ash trays (despite the fact I don’t smoke), shot glasses and thimbles. Oh and if it has glitter on I'm guaranteed to buy two. The last item to e[...]

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