10 travel gifts your friends will love

Christmas is around the corner and maybe you're wondering what you could give your friends that won't be too hard on your wallet and will still make them happy. As travelettes, naturally we prefer gifts that are travel-related. That way you encourage your buddies to go out more, see the world while being equipped with the right tools to go out and explore. [...]

The Travelettes Christmas market is tomorrow

Sunday is almost here and we hope you all emptied your closets with loads of stuff to sell. Who wouldn't need a little extra money for Christmas or a nice Christmas present? Some of the international Christmas specialities  on offer tomorrow are French apple tarte, Finish pullar, English mince pies and many more waiting for you. Don't fear the cold sn[...]

The dog who could surf

Surfing, bodyboarding and skateboarding? No problem for surfer-dog Osso. Two years ago I had the pleasure to meet this dog and the person, who taught Osso everything- his proud owner Christiano. During my travels in Peru I heard of the small surfer town Máncora, which is situated close to the border of Equador- that seemed like the perfect getaway from my ex[...]

Travel for a good cause

Let's be honest: when we travel, we do it mostly for ourselves. We travel to get out of our daily rut, to see and experience fascinating things and places, to make new friends, eat good food or just to treat ourselves with something nice. Just imagine you could do all of these things - and contribute to charity at the same time? There's always the option [...]

Holidays at Home - pt. 1 (Berlin)

It's usually when you're stuck at home with a terribly dull yet ever-so-urgent task or assignment, that you start reminiscing about past holidays or daydreaming about the next vacation getaway. Combine an accute case of itchy feet and the inability to leave your current whereabouts even if just for a single day, and you've got yourself a homemade catastrophe[...]

TBEX comes to Europe

TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) is an online community for travel writers and bloggers who has been gaining rapid recognition among their target group. In fact, they have been so successful that in June of this year held their first event in New York which allowed travel writers to meet up and listen to speakers of the community present concepts, ideas and issue[...]

My favourite travel quotes

I’m the sort of geek that buys a diary because at the bottom of ever page there is some sort of humorous or inspirational quote to help kick-start the day. I really do love a good quote so I thought I’d collate 15 of my favourite travel themed quotes to share with you; 1. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao Tzu 2. All travel [...]

On my way to India...

One more day, then finally the time has come. My first time visiting the Asian Continent - I couldn't be more excited. When I picture India, I see bright colours, full markets, spices everywhere - simply a whole new world. I basically got all those ideas from Bollywood movies, so there are a lot of clichées that have to be proven right or wrong. There is[...]

Get Smart with Country Games!

Lately, we seem to be talking a lot about various ways to satiate our desire for travel when it just isn't possible to pack our bags and leave home. Looking at travel-inspired fashion editorials and blogs, shopping online for unique world wide gifts, and planning your next trip are all high on the list. Another thing I like to do, which appeals a bit to my n[...]

Typographic Maps

As a graphic designer you can guess I am (at least a bit) into typography. I recently discovered an interesting mapping project, made by axis maps. They used hand-placed type to create two maps, one of Boston and one of downtown Chicago and I think they came out beautifully. I can only imagine how many hours it would have taken to accurately depict the stree[...]

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