Frankie Thompson

Londoner turned Wanderer, Frankie, aka Bird, is a location independent writer, researcher and author. After working in a number of sensible(ish) jobs in the City, and finally mastering the London dating scene, she decided to throw it all in for two years of nomadic living with an Australian she met snowboarding in Austria. Currently based in Amsterdam, F[...]

Sophie Saint

Sophie joined Travelettes back in 2009 after she graduated and fled the UK for exotic adventures! She took on an epic backpacking trip that led her to discovering her favourite city, Melbourne. After a few years frolicking in Australia, she finally returned back to England. She whiles away her time planning European escapes, crocheting, and daydreaming of es[...]

Katja Hentschel

Katja Hentschel founded after successfully completing a year of backpacking the world in heels. Her favorite modes of transportation are helicopters and jetskis and she would always trade a 5-course meal at a fancy restaurant for a hot soup at a Thai roadside kitchen. Give her a camera and a high five and she will go out and find adventure. [...]

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