Brasilia - a futuristic utopia

Did you know that Rio de Janeiro isn't the capital of Brazil? Mistaking the capital of Samba for still being the capital of Brazil is a common mistake.  Ever since I read Jaclyn's post on abandoned futuristic monuments from former Yugoslavia, I've been thinking about Brasilia, Brazil's capital since the 1960, which in itself is one of the most monumental an[...]

Top 10 neighbourhood bars in Rio de Janeiro

Dear Travelettes, Ever so often I come across something on the internet that immediately sparks my desire to escape everyday life and travel far, far away. This morning, while I was having coffee and reading the online papers, the headline "Top 10 neighbourhood bars in Rio" caught my eye. I've never been to Brazil, and I was sure that the next time my tra[...]

My Brazilian dream

I used to dream about Brazil long before I went there, I thought about samba, carnival, the huge Jesus statue, but most of all about snakes, scary dogs and pirates. My grandfather, who was a captain, moved to Brazil long before I was born, and the few times I met him he told stories about his huge killer dogs and the snakes on his farm. After visiting the[...]

A New Wave of Tourism-Border Crossings and Favela Tours

I was extremely surprised when I came across this article the other day, talking about tourists paying to go on a simulation of a Mexico-USA border crossing. The participants pay a relatively small fee (one is cited as 15 USD) to race after mock human traffickers without food or water. The slow ones are captured by "border patrol vans" and "deported". For me[...]

portraits from along the way: bianca in sao paulo

In summer 2006 I came to Sao Paulo with plans to live there for about 3 months to learn perfect portuguese, maybe get a job and be oh so productive. But really I had unknowingly moved to the headquarters of party central and spent my days sleeping and my nights out partying. I'm pretty sure I had a total of 2 nights in during that time. So really, it hardly [...]

How I spent the best week of my life in the Brazilian rainforest (and have no photos of it)

This is me in april 2006 on a 5 day boat trip on a river in Brazil. Not just any river - the Amazon. It is also the only photo left to remind me of what was probably the best week of my life. In september 2005 I took off for a one year trip around the world and when people ask me about my favorite part of the trip I tell them about the Amazon jungle. [...]

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