Brazil's Hidden Paradise: Chapada dos Veadeiros

Most people would think of Brazil as of a beach travel destination. The rest of the country, which frankly speaking is huge, is forgotten. Unfair, isn’t it? For those of you a little bit more curious, a second look at the map would make you wanna see what lies inland. The good news is that the heart of Brazil is not any less fascinating than its beach[...]

Top tips to get the best out of the Iguazu Falls

Wow. That was my first impression of the Iguazu falls and I assume probably of everyone else who has ever visited them. Even with all the facts and figures to hand (it’s four times as tall and twice as wide as Niagara Falls, with 553 cubic feet of water pouring down 275 separate cascades per second), it’s hard to convey the immensity and impact of[...]

20 Paulo Coelho Quotes to Set your Wandering Soul on Fire

Brazil has given us many gifts - caipirinhas on the beach, the insane yearly carnival, the samba, and Paulo Coelho, author of the best-selling novel the Alchemist. Coelho was born in the Brazilian sunshine of Rio de Janiero and brings all the sultry zest of Brazil to the ideas he spills onto his pages. I will never forget the first time a fellow traveler ha[...]

The Best of Paraty: Pirates, Rainforest & a Bottle of Rum

The bus is an hour late. That in is nothing unusual in Brazil. Neither is the fact that the bus driver later on tries to make up for it by speeding through the rain which has washed away any view over the road or the other cars. I was told that the trip from Arraial do Cabo to Paraty would take about four hours, the perfect amount of time to spend traveli[...]

The Travelettes Itinerary for Brazil

Of all the places in South America I was willing to fly to, Brazil was definitely on the top of the list.  I had always been attracted to its original vibe and very keen to learn more about its strong identity and diversity. The idea of hopping on a plane to reach a nation which size is almost 15 times bigger than my home-country sounded extremely exciting [...]

8 Must-do's in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is one of my favourite places in Brazil - a city which has fascinated me since my first visit in 2010. Back then I had booked for two weeks and stayed six. The next time I came back for four months to teach English and live the enviable life of a carioca, a native inhabitant of Rio. It is a city where beautiful, lush green mountains clash dramatic[...]

World changing street art

A couple years ago, I was walking along the Seine in Paris, and noticed that a bridge and the stonewalls by the riverbank were covered by huge eyes in black and white. I found it fascinating, but I unfortunately forgot about it. Big mistake, since the artist behind it is one of the most inspiring street artists of our time. Yes, I've heard about Banksy, but [...]

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