A Local’s Guide to Perth and Beyond

Perth has gone from a small country town to a mining boom town and holds the title of the world’s most isolated city; but what you will find in and around Perth will take you by surprise and leave you with a lasting impression. Growing up here I have spent a lot of time exploring the city and visiting the local holiday areas. If you are travelling out wes[...]

A day on Rottnest Island, Australia

Over on the far western side of Australia, just off the coast of the most isolated city in the World, lies a small island of swooping hillsides and golden beaches with strange unique animals roaming the land. Seabirds dive above the brilliant turquoise sea that holds fantastic coral and strange gloopy sea-slugs that lurk in the clear waters of secret coves. [...]

The Travelettes Guide to Perth

Perth was nothing like what I expected. Located in Western Australia (WA) and being the most isolated city in the world, I expected it to be a very small condensed place with all the excitement residing in the city centre. In fact, the fun lies across the entire expanse of Perth throughout many suburbs which if not explored; means you haven’t fully seen Pe[...]