South Carolina

How to throw a Bachelorette party in Charleston

I have fond memories of my time spent in Charleston, South Carolina – it was only befitting that I return there to plan my friend Lindsey’s Bachelorette party. My college friends and I have a very special bond, and even though we live in different parts of the world, Charleston is a place that can always bring us together. But this happened to be the f[...]

Where to get Brunch in Charleston, South Carolina

New York City and San Francisco certainly might have the most brunch joints per capita, but I like to think that Charleston, South Carolina takes the title of “Ultimate Best Brunch” in the USA. You won’t find national chain restaurants on the peninsula – almost every dining establishment in the area is locally-owned and grown, making Charleston’s [...]

This blog makes me want to go to Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston. There is something in the name. It curls around the tongue and bounces against the teeth thanks to the combined "S" and "T" before finishing roundly and politely with "...ton", a nod to the Old English suffix for town. So who was Charles? (It was the English monarch King Charles II) And why is this his town? (I don't think the King needs an ex[...]

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