New York

On the Set of New York

Do you happen to know how many movies have been filmed in New York? Before you start consulting your trusted search engine - this probably is a number impossible to figure out. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, 115 movies and 113 TV series were filmed in New York State in 2011 alone. Considering those staggering numbers, it's a thin lin[...]

Secret NYC - return of the speakeasies

Psst! Do you want to know a secret? Can you believe that I entered a bar through a telephone booth? Oh, and you can't just open the door and walk in. You have to identify yourself first by speaking into the receiver and wait for the permission to pass. As futuristic as it might sound - this happened in 2012 New York City, in a telephone booth installed in a [...]

The Gardens of Eden in the Big Apple

Imagine a quiet oasis with water gurgling in a small pond lined with willows; people sitting on benches near cobbled walkways, reading or sipping coffee. A cat is slowly strolling around rows of tomatoes and lettuce. Sounds like an idyllic countryside getaway? It isn't. In fact, it is the complete opposite: A community garden in the heart of one of the busie[...]

NYC's top 5 ice cream parlours

There is no better way to cool down from the grueling New York summer heat than indulging in some delicious ice cream. The city offers countless opportunities to devour soft ice cones or bars from street vendors and ice trucks, and is home to just as many ice cream shops. As you can imagine, this adds up to a huge number, making it close to impossible to act[...]

Live stream New York

Known around the world under the iconic tag line as the city that never sleeps, New York has a reputation for being one of the most active, diverse and multicultural places in the world. It's a city that never fails to capture my heart and now, even if I'm physically far from there there is still a way for me to live stream one of my favourite cities. T[...]

Manhattanhenge: Here Comes the Sun!

Four times a year, the setting sun aligns with the Manhattan street grid and creates a steel image that resembles the Stonehenge in England. New York sees many beautiful sunsets each year, but this one is special: During the so-called Manhattanhenge, the sun sets on the east-to-west street grid of Manhattan, offering a glimpse of the sunset from Queen[...]

NYC's High Line: an elevated oasis

Although I l have lived in a major metropolitan city for close to a decade, I still consider myself a country girl at heart, and my favorite places in cities tend to be areas where the natural intertwines with urbanization. Not long ago I spent a week visiting my recently transplanted friends in New York City, and got to spend a day walking the High Line, a [...]

Mast Brothers Chocolate - Brooklyn's sweetest treat

Brooklyn - as well as a being a mantropolis of beards, plaid shirts and food trucks - is also a hotbed of creative artisans who are bringing back the art of a hand crafted way of manufacturing food. It might be pickles, beer, cheese, ice-pops or, in this case: chocolate. Michael and Rick Mast, brothers who established their chocolate-making business in Brook[...]

My perfect day in Brooklyn

A few days in New York is never enough, in fact I don't think a lifetime is enough to appreciate this amazing city. On my bucket-list for my last trip to the big apple was spending time across the river in Dumbo & venturing into Brooklyn, an area I'd never explored before. As luck had it, or didn't have it in this case, my 4 day Brooklyn sejour was cut s[...]

10 Things to do in New York City for Free

I love New York. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true. Unfortunately, my love affair with the Big Apple quickly turns sour when I remember what an expensive date she is. Despite New York’s notoriously high price tag, I – and millions of others – decide to risk bankruptcy again and again just to visit it. However, when I went to New York last summer, I was [...]

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