New Orleans

Six Flags: Louisiana's ghost town

Halloween might have been months ago now but that doesn't mean that we've had our spook fill for the year. What is it about an amusement park, that when abandoned, becomes a spooky place where only an eerie silence descends and the dammed roam at night? When driving through Louisana this fall en route from New Orleans to the swamp (more on that to com[...]

Photos of New Orleans

How was New Orleans? - I get asked from pretty much everyone I tell about my 1-month trip through 8 major American cities. There is a magic about this town rivalled by few others. New Orleans is home to some of the most laid-back people I have ever met. Example - I once waited on a streetcar for over 20 minutes. Asking a woman waiting with me how often those[...]

In New Orleans, time stands still

New Orleans had me at hello. Simply walking down the street, every other person says hello like you're their next-door neighbor. At the coffeeshop people come chatting, even when you're staring at your laptop. Pretty much everyone has a constant smile on their face and people treat each other with respect and social warmth. To make things even better, New O[...]

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