Las Vegas

Where Neon City rests its Bones

When visitors think of Las Vegas, naturally everything glitz and glamour will spring to their mind: streets lined with posh hotels, world-famous show attractions, and 24-hour nightlife. Towering above the crowds, billboards and high-tech video screens in colorful hues vie for the stunned visitor's attention. And yet, one of the world's most famous old-fashio[...]

Attic Vintage: Las Vegas' best kept secret

I came to Vegas with only one thing to do on my list: i needed to find a vintage shop. When I thought of Nevada's sin city, what came to my mind were tall women in glamorous gowns with high heels and feather boas, standing by the gambling tables watching their husbands and sugar daddies lose a fortune or win big. Surely there would have to be a vintage shop [...]

Rock Climbing in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas. You may picture bright lights, Eiffel Tower shaped hotels, show girls, slot machines. I picture red sandstone cliffs, low cacti, and days spent out in the desert sun. The Las Vegas area is different for me because I’ve only experienced the famous downtown Strip out of the window of the car as we drove passed it to enter Red Rock Canyon. Over win[...]

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas was not what I expected. In mind I had an image of sequin-dress wearing ladies with long cigarettes throwing dice while drinking whisky and flirting with men in suits. The reality of Vegas, however, were denim-shorts wearing, beer-drinking, balding tourists who come to gamble their lives away or get wasted on drinks, strong enough to put out the Norweg[...]

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