The Ruins of Xochicalco, Mexico

"Xochicalco" can be translated from the ancient language of Nahuatl to mean "In the House of Flowers," and I am so happy I was able to visit it at the end of the rainy season, when flowers were blooming, and the grass was green. There is something very magical about ancient ruins, and that magic is only heightened when they are slightly overrun by the elemen[...]

Ariel’s Revenge - Cancun's Underwater Movie Set

So, the story of The Little Mermaid involved, erm, a little mermaid who found herself on land surrounded by humans and being expected to blend right in with her pretty little feet and seashell bra. Right? Well, although growing a tail and flipping about with the dolphins was probably just a pipedream for many of you, there is a person who has flipped the e[...]

Puerto Escondido - Mexico's No. 1 surf spot

"Let's leave the Caribbean Sea behind and go suuuuurfing". My friend and I spent some beautiful relaxing days at the turquoise Caribbean Coast and thought it was time for some action. To no surprise we found ourselves on a two-days trip towards one of the most famous surfer towns in all of Mexico: Puerto Escondido. It is located at the Pacific Coast in the [...]

Sleeping in tubes - recycled hotels

With fancy and expensive design hotels popping up all across the world, it's nice to hear that every now and then, there is a hotel that has the unique appearance of a design hotel but really is sustainable and based on a simple idea. This is what happened in Mexico, when the architects behind T3arc got together and came up with the idea of using old concret[...]

La Paz, Mexico - Palm Trees, Ice Cream and Dolphins

Baja California, Mexico's Southern extension of the American California not just geographically quite the opposite of its American counterpart. It consist to large parts of dry, fruitless land with the reputably lawless Tijuana in the North and the touristy, soulless resort town of Cabo in the South. The latter was probably my least favorite place in Mexico,[...]

Dear Caribbean Sea

It has not even been a year and my heart already longs for you again. You are beautiful, you are calm, you have a lot to offer, you gave me warmth and confidence. Thinking of you, fills me with wonderful thoughts of sunny days, turquoise water miracles, long white sandy beaches and never-ending romantic summer nights. I fell in love with you the very sec[...]

Playa del Carmen - holidaying by the book

Imagine this scene: you've been backpacking all over, you've gone to pittoresque little towns, signed up for 3-day hiking tours to see indigenous people and unique rock formations, you took a million photos of mountains and waterfalls and nature and you've had all the street food one can possibly try. And now imagine that after all these adventures you arriv[...]

Market Portraits - Mexico

No matter where I travel, I always keep an eye out for the local market. Often, markets are prime spots to really get a feel for the culture you're traveling through. A place sustained by and for the locals, the market is to the city what the kitchen is to the house. As a vibrant center of commerce, family living and socialising, it's a perfect place to witn[...]

Slice of paradise - Tulum

Just a few days into my trip to Mexico, I decided to fly to Cancun, from where I would be heading south to Playa del Carmen, a lovely, yet touristy little town right by the lovely Caribbean ocean. Beaches here were pretty darn nice, but I had heard that nearby Tulum was the real attraction when it came to sand, water and palm trees. We took a collecti[...]

A day without chili is like a day without sun

Trying out the local cuisine when traveling is one of the most delicious ways of getting to know a new culture. With my obsession with hot food I found one of my favorite spots last year: Mexico! I was lucky enough to spend some time with my Mexican buddy's family, and his mother whipped up fantastic dishes for me every day. If you’ve eaten at Tex-Mex/Mexi[...]

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