A Craft Beer Crawl in East Vancouver

Vancouver was not only recently ranked the third most liveable city in the world by the Economist, it is also a craft beer lover's paradise. Vancouver’s craft brew scene has exploded in the past few years. In an area that used to be littered with used needles, frequented by prostitutes and unsafe to walk through alone, the stretch east to west between Main[...]

7 Female Instagrammers Who Will Make You Want to Go to Canada

As Canada is our featured destination this month, we thought we'd introduce to you some of our favourite ladies who showcase the country in all it's beauty on Instagram. Be prepared to be blown away by stunning landscapes, ultra-cool cafe culture and delicious wild food. Here are seven Instagrammers who are making us yearn to visit Canada... 1. Jordan Dyck[...]

Why Vancouver has it all

During a month-long road trip through the US and Canada in summer, I nearly skipped Vancouver because it just seemed a little too out of the way from Toronto. I’m so glad I didn’t. I spent some of the happiest days of my life over there. Now that might have been a combination of great people, blue skies, general euphoria and the city's summer vibe, but [...]

My Vancouver Declaration of Love

I hereby declare, that I love the city of Vancouver. Ranking 5th on Mercer's 2012 Quality of Living, just after Munich and before Düsseldorf - the higher than any other Northern American city, there are definitely several reasons to support my love. After visiting California in 2009, travelling to British Columbia was my first visit to the Americas in 3 ye[...]

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