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10 Awesome Hotels in Europe under €100

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the bed was so cozy, the towels so soft and the air so fresh, that you just wished, you never had to leave? As much as I love coming home and sleeping in my own bed - it's just not the same without the little packages of soap and shampoo waiting to be smelled in the bathroom, without the soft slippers right next to my ov[...]

10 Amazing Greek Island Experiences

Crystal-clear water washing over the pebble beaches, whitewashed houses standing out in the distance, contrasting against the perfectly blue skies… Greek islands don’t need much of an introduction, their beauty is already attracting thousands of visitors each year. And yet, some parts of this picture-perfect paradise don’t get quite enough recognition[...]

10 reasons to explore Borneo, Malaysia Pt. 2

While Borneo isn’t wild with a buzzing backpacker scene or filled with travelling party animals, it is a welcome treat of getting back to nature and witnessing things that you’ve only seen in National Geographic. Borneo and its 140 million year old rainforest definitely knocks you on the head and shouts, “Wake up! This is nature at its finest!”, whil[...]

10 reasons to explore Borneo, Malaysia Pt. 1

Borneo is one heck of an incredible and mysterious country, where things go bump in the night and it’s usually a creature that is both exotic and rare. Craggy mountains, rainforests drenched in mist, winding wide rivers and relaxing times await for you there. Malaysia’s Borneo is a destination on many people’s bucket list for a reason, as it’s natur[...]

10 US destinations to escape the winter chill

January through March marks a time in my travel calendar when I try to escape the icy streets of New York City, in favor of warmer locales. I don’t always have to travel somewhere far like Puerto Vallarta either - there are some really great places in the United States that offer warmth, activity, and a change of scenery. Some of these are old winter-trave[...]

10 reasons to love Dubai

When I told people that I got invited to go to Dubai for a weekend nobody seemed overly interested on my behalf. While I had no real knowledge or preconceived notion of Dubai or why I should go, but 30 degrees in November seemed good enough reason as any for me. The most “enthusiastic” comment came from my Dad when he asked me 'Dubai, mh, isn't that a bi[...]

10 Festivals You Should Go To In 2015

For me, 2014 was the year of festivals. I went to six in total... and only one of them required wellington boots. In fact, I didn't even sleep in a single tent during all of my festival attending time. Call me boring, but this is exactly the way I like my festivals; with a comfy bed and a warm shower. The reason I attended so many festivals this year was [...]

10 reasons to travel Honduras

Honduras is hot right now. And it’s not just the steamy, tropical, Central American climes that make it so. In fact, this whole stretch of land bridging the gap between Mexico and Colombia has been slowly coming into its own as a firm favourite with independent travellers over the past 20 years, as political and civil situations gain stability. As a result[...]

10 awesome Hostels around the World

If you don't want to end up with your financial consultant on speed-dial no. 1 after your next spontaneous city trip, you should definitely make some sort of budget plan. After flights and train journeys, accommodation might be the next biggest expense you have to deal with, and hostels can come in quite handy when you want to save a penny or two for some fu[...]

10 awesome Christmas Markets in Europe

It's that time of the year: next weekend, four weeks before Christmas Eve, Christmas markets all over Europe literally hit the light switch and open their gates for happy children and thirsty grown-ups. Here people shop for cheesy Christmas gifts, indulge in over-prized German import products and get tipsy on the sticky sweet hot bevs they call glögg, punsc[...]

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