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Top 10 movie characters I'd love to go traveling with

Fact: It's hard to find the right travel pal. They might complain about mosquito bites, want to go left when you are already following that curly Italian dude to the right, are tired when you are all about karaoke and have a sunburn when you were supposed to win the coconut bikini duo contest. Most of the time, I was lucky enough, to find the perfect fit to [...]

10 of the world's most inspiring female travelers

As travelettes, we believe that women should just grab their backpack, put on their heels and head out to live their adventure of a lifetime. Traditionally thought it has been men who have been credited with the greatest records, the hardest and most inspiring journeys. Therefore we would like to present to you, 10 of the most inspiring female travelers who [...]

10 of the world's most fashionable museums

Italians are known for their fabulous shoes, French women for their elegance, and who can forget about the fantastic royal wedding dress of English princess Kate earlier this year? Different countries as well as time periods are associated with different styles and fashions. I can spend way too much time looking at my favorite streetstyle blogs from around t[...]

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