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10 awesome things about Dublin

I had never been to Dublin before, but had a lot of associations with the capital on Ireland: Guinness, the green of Saint Patrick and fun people who like to party. Luckily I found all of this and even more when I recently visited for the first time. I had friends to show me around, but if you arrive in Dublin clueless and without plan, maybe this list of 1[...]

10 reasons why Morocco is the One for me

I know we are not supposed to have favourites. When asked what the best country you ever travelled to is, we are supposed to be vague. We claim that beach XYZ in Thailand is the best, but the vintage shopping in Sydney and the steak in Buenos Aires. To come out with one clear favourite seems just not pc for travellers. But I don’t care about being pc and s[...]

Winterlust: A Bucket List for Winter

Lately, I find myself complaining about winter more than usual. After freezing and shivering in -20°C Berlin two winters in a row, fate brought me to the milder, yet wetter winter in Glasgow. But even though temperatures hardly drop below zero here, it's still too cold most days. And if it's not, it's too warm for this time of the year. Or too windy. Or too[...]

10 awesome things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan: the largest city in the world. I was expecting blinding neon lights, agoraphobia-inducing crowds, an exhausting pace. I feared the jam-packed subway at rush hour, the feeling of disappearing in a human tide, the oppression of the tall buildings obscuring the sky. I was prepared to be brutally swallowed by a monster metropolis with the hope that[...]

Top 10 Hangouts in East London

It's no big shocker to proclaim that London is amongst the world's coolest cities. It's vibrant, always happening and, apart from some hangups involving expensive rent, a pretty great place to live. I can confirm that first hand, as London was once my home and every time I go back to visit I am reminded of why people like it as much as they do. London is a h[...]

The Travelettes Top 10 Dates Around The World

Whether you've traveled the world with a loved one or blushed as you caught the eye of a handsome stranger on a coach, the world is full of romantic possibilities and the date spots are endless! So we girls at Travelettes scratched our heads and reminisced about our favourite dates throughout the world and compiled a lil' list for you all. Whether you want t[...]

40 Things to do in New York City in the Summer

New York summers can be tough: It's hot, it's humid and it feels like there is no air left to breathe. And while you slowly melt outside in the gruelling heat, air conditioners will chill you to the bone once you've entered a building. So here are some tried and true tips on how to still spend a perfect summer in the city! 1. If you're an early bi[...]

10 things to do in an unexpected UK heatwave

What the hecky-peck is going on with the weather in the UK at the moment? The past few weeks have been face-meltingly hot. We can't believe our luck. The grey skies and woolly jumpers are but a dim and drizzly memory - the distant ghost of summers past. We're all rushing down to Ikea and spending our wages on brand spanking new, mirrored garden furniture ("l[...]

11 Great Bars in Paris

Just arrived in Paris and about to go for your first drink? Don’t follow the misled backpacker masses that systematically cram together inside the overcrowded hangouts of the Grands Boulevards! Instead, here’s an insider’s subjective guide on where to grab a nice drink in Paris, from fancy cocktail bars to relaxed local watering holes – and includ[...]

Top 12 Free Things to do in Melbourne

We all love free things. Especially me. And when traveling and having to look after your budget, sometimes you just need some free things to do in a new city to ease up on the spending, while still being able to explore. Australia is a tough place to travel in financially since the dollar is so strong. It makes everything seem real pricey when you’re not e[...]

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