5 Things We Never Travel Without

Day by day we share our impressions and insights from adventures around the world with you. So why not offer a glimpse into our bags and tell what we take along to all those places? While we gathered online to discuss our pack lists, we discovered all-team favorites and uncovered secret habits. Obviously all of us never travel without their camera, so that o[...]

How to spice up your Staycation

So we learned all about why to spend our winter in South Africa's summer, how exciting and versatile a trip to New Zealand can be and how beautiful cities like Lisbon or Barcelona are even in winter. There's only these two problems that keep us from fleeing the approaching cold front and escape to a winter down south: a) there are hardly enough leave days le[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Autumn

The Travelettes of the Northern hemisphere can't deny it any longer - autumn is going strong! And while we wishfully browse through the Flickr and Instagram accounts of our Australian or South African friends, we gotta admit that this season has its advantages as well. Finally a chance to wear that cute knit again, great excuses to spend a night inside inste[...]

Photo tour through Lisbon

Let me ask you, which phone do you use? Why that one? What do you like about it? What do you need it for? The question for the perfect phone is on my mind often, I think it has actually become the most important item to bring with me on a trip, more than a laptop, a camera or even a credit card. My ideal smart phone needs to be intuitive to use, take a[...]

Try walking in my shoes

There is no denying it, the life of a travel blogger comes with many perks. We get to go on trips to amazing places, meet people we'd never normally have met and every once and so often we get to test drive cool stuff. Still my girly favorite product to review: shoes. The popular Spanish brand Camper has invited me to literally walk in their shoes for[...]

I heart Camden Town

There is always something happening in Camden. One of my hands down, favorite locations to shop, wander and people-watch; the centre of the alternative fashion scene is a wonderland of fascinating sights, smells and sounds. Hop on the underground’s northern line to step through the looking glass into one of London’s most diverse shopping locations and pi[...]

The Abstract Art of Orientation

You wander the streets of a new city. You have never been here before, you're lost. Every corner looks the same, the same shops are selling artistic cupcakes, coffee in paper cups, plastic souvenirs to bring home or magazines which you can't read anyways. The streets are either to small and windy or too wide and straight to allow any form of orientation. You[...]

The UK's amazing, travelling vintage fair

Roll up, roll up, the fair's in town! Ok, so if you're seeking a ride in the bumper cars and a face full of cotton candy, this might not be quite what you're looking for. But if vintage treasure and a bit of good, old fashioned entertainment's the name of your game, then this fabulous, travelling fair is your dream come true... The Vintage Fair slowly[...]

How to get the London look

North, south, east and west… No Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore, we’re in London, the city that currently holds the accolade Style Capital of the World; and that gingham smock just ain’t going to cut it. It’s often struck me how our nation’s capital seems to be split into four distinct districts, all with their own fabulous shopping, identit[...]

Win a photo book with Travelettes and Kodak

Are you usually last minute about Christmas gifts like I am? Do you also always make a new plan each year to be better about it in the future? Good thing that this year was the grand exception as I was invited to test the Kodak photo book software (which you can freely download here) which allowed me to assemble some of my favorite travel photos of trips [...]

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