10 essentials for your summer beach holiday

A holiday by the beach is always a good idea, but certainly summer time and those long hot days by my work place are the time of the year when I long for the cool blue of the ocean the most. Nothing beats leaving the sticky heat of the city behind, and leaving for a breezy adventure on a Greek island, the Caribbean or even South East Asia. Even packi[...]

How to decorate a traveller's home

When you land somewhere new in the world and think, ‘You know what, I might stay here for a bit. I quite like it!”, you know you’re going to be experiencing something special. There’s nothing quite like fully immersing yourself in a new city or country for a substantial amount of time and absorbing every part of the culture. There are aspects [...]

5 cool vintage shops in Glasgow

Moving to Glasgow just under two years ago has changed many a thing in my behaviour. First of all, I now say didnae instead of didn't and wee instead of little. I also re-defined my perception of rain to anything not soaking me within 5 minutes to 'not being real rain'. And then I think 25 degrees Celsius is really hot. Moving to Glasgow, or more generall[...]

Why markets should always be on your itinerary

Over the years I have developed a good strategy for traveling new cities and new countries, and local markets have definitely made it onto the list of things to do when discovering a new place. I blame it on my students years, when travel money was short and spending it on admission tickets or eating in restaurants was rather a singular treat than a r[...]

10 travel essentials which you always forget to pack...

I'm sure you know it all; that terrible feeling when you sit at the airport gate, suddenly a flash of stinging pain shoots through your brain and you realise, you left your hair brush next to your bed. Or your toothpaste in the bathroom. Or your phone charger attached to the plug behind your bed... Argh - again! Over the years I have developed some exit st[...]

Wedding gifts for the Travelettes in your life

Wedding season is upon us in the United States! I have several friends this year who are avid travelers, have met their spouses abroad, or just like cute and quirky gifts that go beyond a chip-n-dip and monogrammed hand towels. Travel-themed wedding gifts are great even for people who don't travel all that often as well, and may even inspire the couple to em[...]

How to buy a used camera online

'New is always better' - or, at least, so they say. Let me in on a little secret - they are wrong. Sometimes used or second-hand is just as good (or even better). For example, when you compare a brand-new dress from a retail chain, which somehow every other girl on the street is sporting too, to a unique vintage dress from the 1970s; or that veteran road t[...]

10 Lovely Gifts for your Valentine

Like it or not, for many around the world February is the month of love and appreciation - it's the month of Valentine's Day. Old-single-me I am, I never got myself too excited about this day of the year - isn't it all just an invention by the greeting card industry so they could make money off our social expectations and blind acceptance of yet another 'fes[...]

The ASUS Transformer Book T100 - the ideal laptop to travel with?

I won't hide that I was more than a little excited to be asked to test-drive the new ASUS Transformer Book T100. In many ways the clever design of laptop and tablet in one is ideal and I really wish my Macbook Air had that same feature. I dont own a tablet so I find myself regularly feeling jealous at everyone I see who does have one, especially those who tr[...]

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