Watching the Milky Way

A few weeks ago Kathrine has posted a great video of a photographer and filmmaker called Terje Sorgjerd, who specializes in making time-lapse videos of stunning landscapes. His first video on the Northern Lights brought in almost 3 million viewers on Vimeo and while that one is absolutely stunning, I even prefer the second time-lapse video he made of the Mil[...]

Photo Contest with 3 days to go - Win a trip to Kenya!

As there are a lot of travel contests going on right now, where you can win trips to Kenya or a journey through Europe by train, and after Caro's success winning the Norway Challenge, I decided to participate in a contest myself. As I think photography is one of my strengths, I chose the iExplore Photo Safari Contest because you can win another trip to Kenya[...]

Around the world in 2000 pictures

We've already had our trip around the world with the striking photoart of Corinne Vionnet and maybe some of you heard of "Le Flâneur", a stunning video of Paris created by combining 2,000 photos of the city of love by night. And now, within my arm-chair wanderlust last night, I came across "Around the world in 2000 pictures", a photo journey through 8 citie[...]

Capturing the Northern Lights

When the nights are long, and sunlight is scarce, there is one natural phenomenon that lights up my spirit. I'm talking about the aurora borealis (or northern/polar lights). Coming from Norway I've experienced this magic light a few times, but it never stops to amaze me. It is more beautiful than anything man can make, and not even the best fireworks in the [...]

Market Portraits - Mexico

No matter where I travel, I always keep an eye out for the local market. Often, markets are prime spots to really get a feel for the culture you're traveling through. A place sustained by and for the locals, the market is to the city what the kitchen is to the house. As a vibrant center of commerce, family living and socialising, it's a perfect place to witn[...]

Photo Tour through Istanbul

Istanbul is the only metropolitan city of the world, which is located on two different continents, being Europe and Asia. Its culture holds a lot of diverse aspects and you can discover new things around every corner. In the morning some of Istanbul‘s muezzins singers call for prayer with the intention to bring people closer to God and you can hear their s[...]

African Lens: Showing a Multi-faceted View of Africa

For a long time I've admired the work of David Miller. He writes in his personal blog and on the Traveler's Notebook about commodification and codification in travel writing. Often times people tend to romanticize and essentialize about place and don't recognize that their experience in a place is just that, uniquely theirs. By recognizing our own experience[...]

Photo Opportunities - A trip around the world with Corinne Vionnet

When we travel, sightseeing mostly involves seeing a monument and taking a picture. But there are millions of us traveling. Millions of us seeing that exact monument, and millions of us taking the same picture. The result is a massive bunch of the one and the same picture, just differing in small details like people walking around, perspective, weather condi[...]

Hello New York City Love

Today I'd like to introduce you to a project about love. And New York. Hellonewyorkcitylove is a photography blog, runned by Charlotte Schreiber and Kerstin Müller, two amazing German photographers. Originally knowing each other just from sight at their home university, they met again this summer in New York, both doing internships. I've been following t[...]

Through the eyes of... Akasha Rabut

Our recent travel photographer discovery is Akasha Rabut, from New Orleans. She works in the photography department at the Historic New Orleans Collection and does freelance photography on the side. Originally from Kauai, Hawaii she traveled a lot through North America and took some really amazing shots on the road. She fascinates with an extraordinary eye f[...]

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