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A day without chili is like a day without sun

Trying out the local cuisine when traveling is one of the most delicious ways of getting to know a new culture. With my obsession with hot food I found one of my favorite spots last year: Mexico! I was lucky enough to spend some time with my Mexican buddy's family, and his mother whipped up fantastic dishes for me every day. If you’ve eaten at Tex-Mex/Mexica[...]

A Taste of Germany in San Francisco

Knowing how obsessed I am with German cuisine, my friend invited me to come out to a place in a swanky part of San Francisco this weekend. Suppenküche is not your typical sausage-serving lederhosen-sporting German style American restaurant. It  combines some of the traditional elements such as shared tables, dark bread, and 2 liter glasses of beer with the r[...]

Sangria for dummies

Sangria is one of my favourite drinks; there is something about the mix of wine and fruit that makes it easy to imagine I live somewhere warm, tropical and am surrounded by hunky looking Latino men! Not only does it taste dam good, it’s simple and pretty inexpensive to make: Ingredients: 3 cartons of orange juice 1 box of wine Cup of brandy [...]

Top 10 neighbourhood bars in Rio de Janeiro

Dear Travelettes, Ever so often I come across something on the internet that immediately sparks my desire to escape everyday life and travel far, far away. This morning, while I was having coffee and reading the online papers, the headline "Top 10 neighbourhood bars in Rio" caught my eye. I've never been to Brazil, and I was sure that the next time my tra[...]

The Best Coffee Shops in Olso

When thinking about Oslo, the first thing that pops into your mind probably isn't coffee. But actually, Oslo is a coffee capital, and according to coffee connoisseurs it is one of the cities in the world with the most high quality coffee bars. Every year coffee lovers come to Oslo as "coffee tourists" to learn about the Norwegian coffee culture.  You might b[...]

Madrid: veggie lunching with the Hare Krishna

On my recent trip I stumbled across something I had once read about on this same website. Kathrine had written a post about dining with the Hare Krishna, a religion that is friendly, but maybe sometimes hard to understand for outsiders when a group of them is wandering the streets in orange sheets, chanting the same two words for hours. When staying in Ma[...]

Breakfast Wonderland Brussels - Le pain quotidien

My favourite breakfast joint is a place called Le Pain Quotidien They serve simple yet delicious soup, salads, tartines, breakfast, homemade pastries and handmade bread and there are quite a few vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. I’d strongly recommend the hot chocolate; it comes in a bowl with a little bar of dark chocolate to dip in for 5 min[...]

Breakfast Wonderland Stockholm: Cafe String

I haven’t given breakfast all the attention it deserves during the past. I used to skip it usually, simply because it meant 10 extra minutes spent in bed. Lately this attitude has changed, and now, especially when traveling, I seek out the best places to have breakfast in to start of my day right. Last Summer I spent some time in Stockholm. Since shops di[...]

French Chocolate Cake made easy

I can scuba-dive, speak french, spanish and a little bit of portuguese, I can tell you all about psychoanalysis and travel the world needing nothing but a camera, but goddamn - i can not cook. So up until this point, my contribution to international recipes for you guys has been rather hesitant non-existant, but there is one thing even I can make and that is[...]

Hot Boozy Drinks to Keep Warm This Winter

Last year, when I was living in Hungary, some friends and I developed a bit of an obsession with hot, mulled wine (forralt bor in Hungarian). We bought it at the Christmas Market, sipped in in our favorite cafes, and even attempted making it ourselves at one of the numerous dinner parties we had at my flat. Warm beverages and winter go hand in hand for me. A[...]

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