Food & Drink

The Rock Restaurant

Ladies, this post is not going to be about Rock'n'Roll. There's Rock bars, Rock restaurants, Rock Hotels, Rock Museums and a boat that rocked. But have you ever heard of a restaurant on a rock? Well, I at least know of one. The Rock Restaurant was built on a tiny rock in the ocean in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This lovely place is situated near the shore of the Mic[...]

There's a new guy in town and his name is Hugo

Hugo is exactly my type. He's not too sweet. He's not too bitter. And it was love at first sip. We first met in Munich this spring, although originally, he's from Austria. And when we met again in Innsbruck this August, I totally fell for him. Hugo (pronounced WHO-GO) is the perfect cocktail for hot summer nights. And days. And sunny days in early autumn [...]

How to tip without offending

Have you ever wandered into a café in a foreign land without knowing what the common etiquette is in tipping? Is it expected? What’s too much? What’s too little? Will it offend if I do? Will it offend if I don’t? I’d never been that aware of leaving cash in gratitude when I grew up in England. When young, it stretched to the odd 50 pence left on the table i[...]

Marvel, Nibble and Shop at Naschmarkt Vienna

The beautiful city of Vienna is about so much more than coffeeshops, old ladies walking their poodles and Schnitzel. Not that you shouldn't indulge in mouth-watering food while you're there, but imagine doing that... whilst shopping?! The Naschmarkt is a traditional institution in Vienna, it's been around since the 19th century. The name derives from the [...]

London Borough Market - Brownies, Smoothies and Jamie Oliver

Saturday morning, 8am: Whenever tingly rays of sun are shining through my window on a lovely saturday morning in London, I always know exactly how and where I will be spending my day. With friends, eating delicious food, strolling around and watching the world go by in one special place -  London Borough Market. While Nottingham Hill, Sunday Bricklane[...]

Coffee in Berlin: The Barn

Having read about The Barn on a seemingly infinite number of blogs (for example here, here or here), I eventually decided that this was something I could not miss. What sold it to me, apart from a very good-looking cup of coffee and an attractive wooden interior, was the obvious American vibe in this place, which I do miss sometimes in Berlin's coffeeshop[...]

Hamburg: Welcome to Herr Max

Spending the past two years in Hamburg, there was a lot of free time in my student life that needed to be filled. One of my favorite ways to spend our time with my friends was over coffee and cake at a charming café called Herr Max. University lessons starting at 12am or even 2pm, meant enough time for a sweet breakfast there. I was the luckyenough to liv[...]

Finding beer in Brussels

Telling you how and where to find beer in Brussels is a bit like teaching my Grandma to suck eggs as Belgium is a county with no shortage of bars to sit and drink a good beer. But beer tastes better when drunk in style in a place filled with atmosphere & interesting people so here just are 5 of my favourite hang outs; Photo by Station Studios Delerium [...]

Liquor favorites in Lisbon

Whether you go to Brazil, Russia, France or Portugal, all countries have their own drinking culture and delicious drinks that brings you one step closer to the national culture. If you read the Travelettes bio, you already know about my weakness for a good ol' Brazilian Caipirinha, but I'm no stranger to wine or liquor either. Having spent quite some time in[...]

ABC guide to coffee in France

Having lived in France on and off for a few years I have come to realise that the coffee you choose (whilst enjoying the sun on one of thousands terraced café’s watching designer clad women and their tiny pooches stroll by) says a lot about you. When I first arrived, ordering in a café was a stressful affair never quite knowing what to ask for and always puz[...]

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