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A taste of summer - home made popsicles

I think its finally time we stop tiptoeing around the subject, be brave and admit that summer is well and truly on the way (please don't tell me I've just cursed the next 4 months' weather...). I've broken out the summer sandals and even had my first bbq of the season. So I still need to pull on a sweater in the evenings and it's not like I'm stripped down t[...]

Ten Great Eateries in Brussels

My stomach has been very happy since moving to Brussels almost two years ago. So I thought it was about time I share the love and introduce you to my favourite eateries in the city serving everything appropriate for lunch with your mum to the best local junk food: 1) Best frites in town - Barrière de Saint-Gilles This wouldn't be a list of great Brusse[...]

All you need to know about English Breakfast

When I moved to England roughly two years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. I'd tasted English breakfast (or what I presumed to be a traditional English breakfast) on a family holiday to an all-inclusive resort in Turkey, and to be honest, I wasn't very impressed. So, during my first months of living in the UK, I stayed away from the "Full English". F[...]

Berlin Coffee Haven: Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar

Berlin these days is not for the faint of heart: the pursuit for the ultimate slurp of coffee has increased demand for fine-tuned establishments offering more than your average Milchkaffee. You need to know your flat white from your V60 or Aeropress. Stumptown in, Starbucks out. On a mission to find out more and learn exactly what all these exotic words[...]

East London - the place for British food in Berlin

England - Barely any other country in the world causes such different reactions when it comes to food. Whereas the English worship their greasy breakfast, fish & chips and Cornish pasties, foreigners are either disgusted by or addicted to it – there is no in-between. I have to admit, I am one of the addicts, which is why I was delighted to finally find m[...]

Poppies: The Place to Eat Fish and Chips in London

As you probably have heard, the UK is well known for its dish fish and chips and there are hundred of restaurants, pubs and corner shops offering this. Finding the perfect fish and chips turned out to be quite a challenge, but after a while I luckily found my favourite place, a restaurant called 'Poppies' situated in the East End, just around the corner from[...]

Great Eats in Buenos Aires: Cafe Hierbabuena

When arriving in a city you've never been to before, you probably like to wander around, stop to marvel at cute shops, sample a delectable ice-cream and take as many photos as possible of everything you see. In a matter of a few days you try to get the best all-round picture a tourist could get of a city but even with all the walking and the most in-depth st[...]

Restaurants we like: L'épicerie in Lyon

Since Lyon is known as the food capital of France, any restaurant within its borders has high expectations to live up to. It doesn’t come as a surprise than many establishments boast extravagant menus with a minimum of three courses, including lyonnaise specialties such as French onion soup, quenelles (special dumplings, often served in crayfish sauce), and [...]

Making tortillas from scratch in Costa Rica

Tortillas are actually pretty easy to make from scratch, but no one ever suspects that.  So when I do decide to take the extra time to make them they are perceived as an impressive delicacy.  I mastered the art while living on an organic farm on the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica, where they are as much of a staple in everyday meals as ri[...]

The Meal: documenting a global snack

Here at Travelettes, we love food. One of the biggest perks of traveling is being able to sample exotic snacks and dishes that we've never heard of before and whose names we can't even pronounce properly. After all, foreign cuisine is not only a treat for the tummy but also a way of exploring different cultures and national identities. Homemade Italian pa[...]

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