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Secret NYC - return of the speakeasies

Psst! Do you want to know a secret? Can you believe that I entered a bar through a telephone booth? Oh, and you can't just open the door and walk in. You have to identify yourself first by speaking into the receiver and wait for the permission to pass. As futuristic as it might sound - this happened in 2012 New York City, in a telephone booth installed in a [...]

Restaurants we like: Μelenio in Oía, Santorini

For some people, the adage 'it's not what you do, it's who you're with' rings true. Whilst in general I whole heartedly agree, when it comes to cafés I much prefer the saying 'it's not who you're with, it's the view you have'. I could quite happily while away the day sitting alone in a café as long as I have something good to look at (and I don't mean an att[...]

How to.... make South Tyrolian dumplings

Whenever I travel there is an array of activities I like to seek out wherever possible. Things I love to do and experience such as rafting, biking, shopping, tasting local specialties and so on. Speaking of local specialties - what's the only thing better than tasting them? To learn how to make them yourself! So whenever I get to a country or region with par[...]

Summer drinks from around the world

Every year at the start of summer, when the weather gets warm and the winter woolies get a well-earned rest, my fantasies move away from evenings spent sipping hot chocolate by a fire, towards lazing about on a tropical beach with a cocktail in each hand. But even if you’re staying a little closer to home this summer, there’s no reason why you can’t be remin[...]

Gartine - A Very British High Tea in Amsterdam

There are a number of British stereotypes that this British Travelette lives up to; a deep appreciation for an orderly queue, an innate desire to talk (i.e. moan) about the weather at any given opportunity and a never fading love for a "nice cup of tea". No matter where I go in the world I can't seem to shake off my love for tea. In fact, travelling has h[...]

Visiting Hamburg to eat ice cream (but not only)

There are lots of reasons to visit a city - you could be seeing an old friend, maybe you have a job interview, you heard there is some great shopping to be done or you simply want a change of scenery from your hometown. Or maybe you could have a craving for a particular type of ice cream (anyone who's had gelato in Italy will know what I mean).... When I [...]

50 reasons why coconuts are amazing

Dear coconut gods: I love you. Thank you for bestowing your gifts of bounty upon me and this planet. Since the first time I visited Thailand I have been obsessed with coconuts. There is nothing like an ice cold coconut after a long night of partying to restore electrolytes and replenish, and no better natural moisturizer than coconut oil. If you’ve read my o[...]

Frappé - coffee that tastes like a holiday

When in Greece, I always make sure that my next coffee frappé is not far away. There is just something about a glass of iced coffee topped off with a thick layer of creamy foam that I can't resist. And I am by far not the only one. In Greece, frappé is the most popular variation of coffee, loved by locals and visitors alike. Whether it be as a quick c[...]

Cafe Zero takes Berlin bloggers on a cruise

The odds seemed against us, when Berlin's Hauptstadtfloss, the large 2-story float, roaming the waters of the river Spree, set sail last Saturday along with a laid-back crew of bloggers such as This is Jane Wayne, Finding Berlin, i-Ref, Allet ohne Schminke or whudat. But neither the dark clouds nor the rain could lower our spirits and so we drank and laughed[...]

Floating down the river with Berlin's finest bloggers

What does summer mean to you? Hanging with friends in the park? Sitting by the water cool drink in hand? Maybe listening to some good music? That is definitely part of our summer, so when Langnese's Coffee-Ice deluxe Café Zero° asked us whether we would like to join them and a group of Berlin bloggers on a little cruise on the Hauptstadtfloß (a large, 2 stor[...]

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