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Cooking with Anna-Zoe: Vegetarian MishMash in Colombia

Anna-Zoe is our hope to one day become a 5-star chef who travels the globe and teaches her recipes to desperate housewives, indigenous, children aged 10 to 15 and everyone else who needs cooking lessons. inspirational and inventive, her cooking tutorials leave mouth nor eye dry.

Cooking with Anna-Zoe - Today: Excuse my french cuisine

Travelette Zoe is currently chasing fictional white rabbits around the globe and when she is not on a plane or figuring out which way is Wonderland she is recording videos. But not just any videos -she launched her own cooking show. The fact that Zoe knows as much about cooking as Berlusconi knows about fidelity does not hinder her from producing a hilar[...]

Bangkok's Streets of Yum

When visiting certain Asian countries, travel guides often warn about the potential dangers of eating off the street. While I can very much confirm this to be true in India, in Thailand I've never heard of any problems. Luckily, because eating off the street belongs to the highlight of any day spent in this gorgeous country. With Bangkok as the culinary c[...]

Kerala: death by chocolate and mosquitos

Today was meant to be totally relaxing. My only plan was not to have any plans, apart from maybe trying the much-raved about cake called death of chocolate in my new favorite Kerala hangout - an adorably decorated cafe/sanctuary called Teapot. Since in India things almost always contrary to what you hoped it was no different today. At 4am I realised m[...]

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