A place close to your heart

Is there any country or state in the world you hold dear? A place you love so much, you'd love to carry it with you everywhere you go? A tattoo is an option, but a less painful alternative are the beautiful necklaces made by Stevie, a lady from Chicago, who sells handmade silver country jewelry at her Etsy shop. She recently quit her day job to create silver[...]

Louis Vuitton city guide

Are you still wondering what you should give your (girl)friend who has everything? The books from Luis Vuitton could be a cute Christmas gift for fellow globetrotters who like to travel in style, or at least dream about traveling with some luxury! These guides will give you an overview over luxury hotels, charming guesthouses, shopping, art galleries, hip ni[...]

Train Ride Romance

Train rides seem to be made for quick romances, or at least they build the perfect setting for one. Although the train in this editorial looks nothing like our ICE and people are far to well dressed for travelling it makes me want to back my leather suitcase and start my trip to an unknown destiny. This is from Vogue's February 2010 issue, staring superm[...]

Map Couture

Lost somewhere and not having a map or an Iphone? Apperantly there are still a few people without this seemingly indispensable tool for survival, but who needs an Iphone if you can find your way simply by looking at your dress? All you might need is a small mirror in order to view the more difficult angles on your backside. “Les Robes Geographiques"[...]

Streetstyle - muses of the world

Whether it's Paris, New York, Berlin or London, each city is different and identified by a strong eclectic culture of people, music, food and yes - fashion. I am not referring to the local designers but to the everyday people who, through their clothes, express their individuality as it was shaped by the culture around them. Luckily we live in a day and a[...]

Travelling in (granny) style

Show me your suitcase and I tell you who you are. There's a lot that can be done wrong when travelling. Outfits should be thought through. Suitcase colours matching the colour of your skirt; perfect! You never know who will pass your way, or even sit next to you in an airplane. (Last example seems to NEVER occur. It's probably all made up for those cheesy [...]

Tips on clothes-shopping before and during travel

Now that we've discussed meeting boys on the road let's talk about the other things in life that can't be forgotten while traveling: fashion. Looking fashionable is always desirable however I often, when beginning to travel, found it difficult to "keep up" with trends as I carried 2 pairs of pants and 5 t-shirts. Not quite so fashionable. Then I realized the[...]

Beachtime is now neon

Dear Travelettes, before going to Miami I was obsessed with the idea of spending as much time as possible on the beach and obviously, buying cute beach outfits was imperative. On the lookout for a light beach dress I went to H&M and found IT. A bright neon orange wide dress, knee-length with 2 large pockets. With my pale skin in mind I stepped to the [...]

New York: Boxing Kitten fashion

Dear travelettes, the other day, my blogger-friend Susie G took me to a fashion party of the NY-based label Boxing Kitten presenting its latest collection. The clothes are vintage inspired with colorful print reminiscent of Africa. Boxing Kitten designs have recently been spotted in Rihanna's Rude Bow video, on Solange and Beyonce and many other fab pop s[...]

Summer 2010 - bikinis or bathing suits?

Dear travelettes, now that the first hot days of the year have arrived I find myself thinking about swimwear. I'm pretty sure that last year my bathing suit came out only for a short week during a trip to Thailand, but for this year I am planning on a whole lot more beach time and it is time for a sparkly, brilliant, star-of-the-beach bathing suit or bikini[...]

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