Try walking in my shoes

There is no denying it, the life of a travel blogger comes with many perks. We get to go on trips to amazing places, meet people we'd never normally have met and every once and so often we get to test drive cool stuff. Still my girly favorite product to review: shoes. The popular Spanish brand Camper has invited me to literally walk in their shoes for[...]

The UK's amazing, travelling vintage fair

Roll up, roll up, the fair's in town! Ok, so if you're seeking a ride in the bumper cars and a face full of cotton candy, this might not be quite what you're looking for. But if vintage treasure and a bit of good, old fashioned entertainment's the name of your game, then this fabulous, travelling fair is your dream come true... The Vintage Fair slowly[...]

Ten Fabulous Festival Fashion DIYs

Here comes the sun, little darlings, and festival season has already begun. In the UK floods of people (and hopefully not rain) have descended upon Glastonbury and all around the world the beautiful people are beginning to tap their toes to the sound of the world being alive to the sound of music. Festivals are to fashion like dominant eyebrows are to Lan[...]

How to get the London look

North, south, east and west… No Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore, we’re in London, the city that currently holds the accolade Style Capital of the World; and that gingham smock just ain’t going to cut it. It’s often struck me how our nation’s capital seems to be split into four distinct districts, all with their own fabulous shopping, identit[...]

A guide to Harajuku fashion

Harajuku! Smack bang near the top of my ‘places I need to go’ list, the mere name of this district of Tokyo never fails to conjure up a glittering montage of tempting images. Delicious sushi, crazy theme bars, neon lights… but the major draw? The fashion. Harajuku style put Japan on the fashion map. Heads were turned when photographer Shoichi Aoki b[...]

10 of the world's most fashionable museums

Italians are known for their fabulous shoes, French women for their elegance, and who can forget about the fantastic royal wedding dress of English princess Kate earlier this year? Different countries as well as time periods are associated with different styles and fashions. I can spend way too much time looking at my favorite streetstyle blogs from around t[...]

Melbourne Cup Day - The Race That Stops A Nation

‘Melbourne Cup’ is an age old institution and tradition of the state of Victoria, Australia. I admit, I had never heard about it in previous trips to Oz until I came to live permanently in Melbourne and heard about an event which allowed excited Melbournians to have a public holiday. I was now an excited Melbournian who got a day off... but what was this[...]

Women spend more on clothes for a vacation than on the vacation itself

And didn't I know it - a UK study has found out, after asking 1000 women via an online poll, that about 85% of women spend more on the pre-departure shopping than they do on the actual holiday. This may not come as a huge eye-opener to most, but it's still a pretty fun fact to be faced with. UK women spend an average of $1000 on their trip, but a whopping[...]

Skyy Swap Market in Berlin

Dear Travelettes, for all those among you who will be in Berlin on August 26th, we would like to recommend a very special event to you which is co-organized by our friends over at IheartBerlin and Designer Scouts. This is the third time that the SKYY SWAP MARKET is happening in Berlin. Originally, the popular party was meant to be a one-off ocassion, but [...]

A place close to your heart

Is there any country or state in the world you hold dear? A place you love so much, you'd love to carry it with you everywhere you go? A tattoo is an option, but a less painful alternative are the beautiful necklaces made by Stevie, a lady from Chicago, who sells handmade silver country jewelry at her Etsy shop. She recently quit her day job to create silver[...]

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