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Studying abroad: Parties, culture and languages

5 years ago I made the choice to go abroad alone for the first time. Yes, I was going to be an Erasmus student (for the non-Europeans among us: exchange program initiated by the EU). The impression most have (including me) is that Erasmus students are on a semester or two long vacation with a minimum of effort studywise and a whole lot of partying with other[...]

The Travelettes Fleamarket

Dear Travelettes, in reaction to our post on how to save money for traveling ,we heard a lot of you say that you are selling things at the fleamarket, to friends or on Ebay to generate holiday cash. We picked up on that idea and decided to hold a Travelettes Fleamarket where people planning a trip somewhere can sell their clothes, shoes and other goodies.[...]

The Travelettes FORUM

Dear travelettes, i am delighted to present you with our new forum which you can use to ask your fellow travelettes about their experiences or advice on anything at all. I would also like to encourage everyone to use the Travel Partners section, for all those who want to travel someone this summer but don't want to go alone or at least who'd like to me[...]

My favorite airlines

The first time I flew anywhere was 17 years ago. I was 10 and my classmates at the time told me my plane was likely to crash and i would land in the jungle with crocodiles eating me. I've since been a little scared of crocodiles. Air-travel won me on the day that a gorgeous blonde flight attendant handed me a free packet of pencils and a drawing book. The[...]

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